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Exclamation Please please please help!

I would be ever so greatful for any help that anyone could offer! I got an axolotl last Friday, so I've nearly had him a week! He used to eat bloodworms in the place I got him but I'm
Now feeling him earth worms, only small one a day! Ever since I seen him in the shop his gills were slightly curled forward however I didn't know that this was a sign of stress as this is the first time I've owned an axolotl. He has only had one poo since I've had him and that was a couple of days ago! The water temperature is around 20-21 degrees and is perfect, no ammonia, no nitrates, ph of 7.2-7.4! He's got three hides in his tank and live plants! However his back legs have been floating and I have no idea what to do, also how often should they poo? I'm so upset because as soon as I get an animal I immediately get attached and do everything I can for them! I'm not sure how old he is, I believe between 5-7 months, I sort of reduced him as I didn't like how he was kept in the pet shop as there was lots of water movement and water wasn't very clean but now his water is completely still as I have a spray bark that goes on to a stone on top of the pot. He's got sand on the bottom of his tank that I've sived a million times to get anything that could possibly get stuck, out not is it the think sand it's very very fine. I really really would appreciate any help with 1) why his legs are floating? 2)how often should that poo? 3) how many small earthworms should I feed him? 4) if there's anything I can do to make him as happy as he possibly can? 5) whether he can have naturally curled forward gills?

I hope I haven't missed any information out, and as I said I will be so so so thankful for any help and sorry if this doesn't make sense I'm distraught over what to do and I can't bare the thought of him in pain☹️
Thank you again x
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