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Default Re: Is my Aki becoming a morpholotl???

A few more information :
Aki is an albino,
he's almost 2 years old (will be in December).
His water is clean, cool, everything was fine.. all the parameters.. The only unusual thing was that my filter broke.. so he was in his 70l tank and the filter was not working for 13 days.. only 13 days.. during that time, I did 30% water changes every other day. And the water was still clean and crisp - all the parametres fine. He, on the other hand, began swimming up more often and gasping for air.. but he was still very normal - happy, glad to eat, just being his usual self.. Then.... on day 11 he started to change. His gills shrunk. I noticed the gasping.. but still happy, still eating. As soon as the gills vanished (THIS HAPPENED IN ONLY 2 DAYS) I put him in a plastic container.. Clean, cool water.. I do a 100% water change every day since he's only in 10l.. He's still happy, still eating.. but has changed so much.. Pics coming in 3,2,1.. :)
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