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Default Re: Optimal temperature for tiger salamander eggs?

Thanks Paul, i will try that .
I have about 40 morphed larvae now, and especially the smaller ones are difficult to feed. They will only eat very small pieces of worms.
And unfortunately 2 of the morphed larvae have died . One of them was very slim, but the other one was in good condition. I'm worried it is because of the cold (about 10C at night and 14C during the day) so i have now moved them indoors. Maybe they will eat more now?
I have moved the oldest ones to land area, but that makes it even more difficult to feed them with worms because they escape or hide in moss. The crickets as Paul suggests (and maybe also cockroaches?) will probably be easier.

When will the morphed larvae get their coloration? They are still mostly black, and look nothing like the parents, even though the oldest ones morphed about a month ago.

I still have a little under 100 larvae in the water, but many are now starting to morph even though they are small compared to my other ones (about 10 cm). Maybe it is because the temperature have dropped? My largest morphed larvae are about 18 cm.

Picture 1-2 shows some of my largest morphed larvae. It is these i have now moved to land area. The larvae in good condition that died was one of these - could it have drowned?
Picture 3: Land area. Here i have the fattest specimens. The slim ones i have in a tub without moss to make it easier to control that all are eating (which they are not at this moment!).
Picutre 4-5: One of the dead specimens - the one in good condition
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