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Default They won't eat anything but bloodworms...

Hi! I'm pretty new to the newt-having game but I love them so much so far. I'm really only having one issue, and that's that my newts (notopthalmus spp.) refuse to eat ANYTHING other than bloodworms. Unfortunately, bloodworms seem like the perfect size because the newts just aren't that big.

I've tried two different types of pellets, night crawlers, red wrigglers, small "red worms" (they just look like smaller earthworms) and nothing. No one around me sells black worms or white worms but I'm willing to order them. But they are the pickiest eaters I've ever seen.

It isn't as if the newts are skinny or unhappy. In fact, the lady newt is covering the tank in eggs right now which is a whole different issue. I'm just worried about long term nutritional needs. Would they eat frozen mysis shrimp? Should I bite the bullet and order black worms or something? Any suggestions?
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