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Default Re: 10 or 20 gallon debate.

When it comes to tank size for any Aquarium animal I think bigger is always better you always want to mimic the environment they are from. When I first purchased my golden albino and wild type (Lilo and Stitch) they were about 3 inches in length and I put them in a 29 gallon which I didnt need its just best to prevent you from buying muliple tanks as they grow and gives them plenty of space from biting eachother as they are canibalistic due to their poor vision. For adult axolotl you want 15 to 20 gallons per axolotl. As a beginner enthusiast I realized these animals grow fast. I've had my axies for 7 months and the golden albino is 9 inches in length and the wild type is 10.5 inches and they are both in a 40 gallon wide bottom tank. Keep in mind when purchasing a tank you want a tank with a wide bottom for the axies to have planty of room to walk as i realized my 29 gallon was built a little more narrow than my 40 gallon now when my silly wild type gets excited at night he doesnt smack his head so much into the tank wall while he circles the perimeter lol with axies floor space matters more than swim space.
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