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Default North Georgia Creek

So, I went by a house to winterize it for the remainder of the year and decided to hike down to a nearby creek and flip some rocks. Found a Pickerel Frog ( Lithobates palustris) , Blue Ridge Two-Lined Salamander (Eurycea wilderae), and some Spotted and Northern Duskies ( Desmognathus fuscus/conant, And a Redback Salamander. Here are the images in no particular order.
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North Georgia Creek-cimg1562.jpg   North Georgia Creek-cimg1564.jpg   North Georgia Creek-cimg1567.jpg   North Georgia Creek-cimg1565.jpg   North Georgia Creek-cimg1568.jpg  

North Georgia Creek-cimg1569.jpg   North Georgia Creek-cimg1571.jpg   North Georgia Creek-cimg1563.jpg  
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