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Two days ago I just discovered that a larval D.quadramaculatus that I put in with my adults(as foodClick the image to open in full size.) is still holding his own, some 4-5 months later. How this salamander has avoided being eaten is beyond me. There has been plenty of food for the larvae to eat (live blackworms) and it has grown from about 2cm to 4cm.

I have observed the larvae the past 2 days and nights and often find it sitting in very close proximity to the adults.My adults are fed weekly on chopped earthworms(with blackworms always present in the tank), but are not obese and are always eager to eat. Just thought it was interesting....

I have also found that at warmer temps (65-70) quadramaculatus is more likely to be on land during the day. At colder temps (40-65) they are almost always under water or partially submerged. At night they are essentially terrestrial at temps between 50-70F.

For whatever it's worth....
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