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I hope this is the right section to put this under, but I need some help. After battling the biology dept and making a report for the deplorable condition of their 5 axies, I was awarded a rehousing grant (glad the investigative work paid off, haha)! The problem is that it is not a long term solution. I'm graduating next year and there is no one willing to take care of the animals ("We are an institution, not a zoo") and so I was wondering if there was any REPUTABLE axie keepers in Western New York that could take on 4 very large axolotls (2 boys, 2 girls) anytime in the next 2 yrs (hopefully sooner than later). I took on one of them, but between my own and that one I don't have the room or resources so I just wanted to see if there was anyone out there.

I'll try and get pictures up later of them- be warned though that they don't look the best, but would be ever appreciative of the love!
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