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  1. UK Press: 'Stock take' of garden creatures
  2. Congressional Hearing Banning Nonnative Species April 23 Action Needed
  3. summer amphibian job -in Texas panhandle
  4. Frog day in malaga, andalusia, spain
  5. plethodontid susceptibility to chytridiomycosis
  6. Trematode infections lead to deformities
  7. New York sting operation nets 25 people accused of trafficking in protected reptiles
  8. Eastern Newts in April 2009 Reptiles Magazine
  9. Prehistoric Salamander
  10. Salamander Decline Found In Central America
  11. D to Pachytriton archospotus
  12. TX Press: 4th-graders taking second shot at naming a state amphibian
  13. GBR Press: Have I got newts for you!
  14. DEU Presse: Zu viele Nährstoffe für Kröten und Molche
  15. DEU Presse: Biologische Station sucht Betreuer für Amphibien-Schutzzäune im Kreis
  16. Study Rules Out Inbreeding As Cause Of Amphibian Deformities
  17. Amphibian conservation weblink
  18. New Species Discovered in Columbian Eden
  19. UK Press: Tadpoles may hold cancer clue
  20. UK Press: In pictures: Tanzania's toad haul
  21. UK Press: A billion frogs on world's plates (photo and mention of Andrias too)
  22. NB Press: (Salamander) Sightings (in December)
  23. MS Press: Rains bring out 'sallies'
  24. UT Press: ‘Evolutionary Gem’
  25. GBR Press: Space experiment has a sting in the tail for newts
  26. UK Press: Rare frog caught on film
  27. CHN Press: 国家级后河保护区后河发现红刺条蛇
  28. FR Press: Derniers jours de vie en liberté pour les tritons riverains
  29. DEU Presse: Salamander für die Wundheilung
  30. CNAH News: Additional Distributional Records of Ambystoma
  31. GBR Press: Newts cost Lancashire taxpayers £165,000
  32. CA Press: Tunnels for tiger salamanders to cross Stony Point proposed
  33. Purple frog...
  34. New species of Salamander found among find of over 1,000 species
  35. Guam Press: GovGuam must fund agencies adequately to stop invasive species
  36. President Bush revises the Endangered Species Act
  37. 1st Annual Michigan Members of PARC Herpetological Symposium
  38. BC Press: Little-known salamander (Coeur d’Alene )
  39. MO Press: Center hopes to breed endangered salamanders
  40. SC Press: How many seepage salamanders have you seen this year?
  41. UA Press: Тритон, потомок первого позвоночного
  42. CA Press: Property owner builds ponds for tiger salamanders
  43. Excellent program regarding chytrid on APL
  44. DEU Presse: Lebensraum für Lurch und Kröte
  45. MA Press: Rare Amphibian found by Resident
  46. VT Press: Environmentalists claim Lampricide doing more harm then good
  47. GBR Press: Water great find in Brockwell Park
  48. Axolotl Facing Extinction
  49. CA Press: Letter - Little salamanders are swimming in my pool!
  50. DC Press: 10 Studies That Revealed the Great Global Amphibian Die-Off—and Some Possible Solutions
  51. GBR Press: Newts are on the move - with a little help from their friends
  52. CO Press: Giant salamander euthanized at National Zoo
  53. 3 new salamanders found in Costa Rica
  54. AP Item: Mexico City's 'water monster' nears extinction
  55. Mexico City's 'water monster' nears extinction
  56. MSNBC news - Deformities
  57. FL Press: Can a salamander coexist with a U.S. 98 bypass?
  58. UK Press: Newt sculpture could be visible from space
  59. UK Press BBC: Climate link to amphibian decline
  60. Wildlife Wins at Stewart Airport
  61. UK Press: Amphibians 'afloat and fighting' (Neurergus kaiseri talked about)
  62. ND Press: Education in Action: Amphibian Professor
  63. K5 WA Local News: Giant Barking Salamanders Found in Newcastle
  64. OH Press: Golfers and frogs might compete for same turf
  65. MD Press: Captive Breeding Introduced Infectious Disease To Mallorcan Amphibians
  66. GBR Press x2: Concorde's new home invaded by greater-crested newts
  67. AUS Press x2: More grief for Timor: cane toads
  68. DC Press: "When Salamanders ruled Antarctica!'
  69. GB Press: World's rarest tree frog found
  70. NLD Press: Kamsalamander terug op landgoed Oosterheide
  71. IND Press: Limbless frog-relative species found (Caecilian)
  72. CA Press: Commission Ordered to Consider Listing Salamander as Endangered
  73. GBR Press: Road-builders help to rehouse creatures
  74. RUS Press: Лягушки вымирают
  75. GBR Press: Frog found in empty beer can
  76. TN Press: Rare Salamander Protected in Knoxville Cave Gating Project
  77. MA Press: A surprising salamander
  78. Weirdest animals.
  79. GBR Press: Experts must capture newts
  80. interesting... newt mascot?
  81. GBR Press: Boris 2012 joke daft as a newt
  82. Defra, uk news release "Kermitted to frog protection"
  83. DEU Presse: Bessere Überlebenschancen - Angst im Ei gelernt
  84. NOR Press: Lammet av salamandrer
  85. CA Press: A Blueprint to Regenerate Limbs
  86. MB Press: Why did the salamander cross the road?
  87. SC Press: Feds look to protect threatened salamanders
  88. FL Press: Big Bend ecologist seeking federal protection for 3-inch newt
  89. CNAH Press Release: Predator-Prey Interactions between Hellbenders And Native and Nonnative Fishes
  90. GBR Press: 'We'll Keep Fighting To Save Newts'
  91. NLD Press: De terugkeer van de kamsalamander
  92. Dinosaur descendant to become a father at 111
  93. DNK Press: Dead frog delivery
  94. Illegal Xenopus seized in Nevada
  95. NH Press: Newts love this wet weather
  96. GBR Press x2: Scottish revival of crested newts
  97. FIN Press: Euroopan unioni rahoittaa uhanalaisen rupiliskon suojelua
  98. SWE Press: Vill värna salamander i Blentarp
  99. BRA Press: O Batráquio - Um espectro ronda os anfíbios - o espectro da extinção!
  100. EU (ITL) Press: Nuove scoperte sul sistema immunitario potrebbero essere la chiave della sopravvivenza degli anfibi