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  1. ESP Press: Prospera la población de tritones con el proyecto de cría en cautividad
  2. EU Press: De nouvelles découvertes au niveau du système immunitaire pourraient détenir la clef de la survie des amphibiens
  3. NLD Press: Kamsalamander na dertig jaar op Oosterheide
  4. NLD Press: Salamander
  5. NLD Press: Kamsalamander krijgt helpende hand in buitengebied van Ermelo
  6. NLD Press: Onderdak steenuil en kamsalamander gezocht
  7. NLD Press: Kamsalamander reageert goed op aanleg poelen
  8. IND Press: Rare animal found in tea estate
  9. FL Press: Lake Creature With 'Legs' Stumps Central Floridians
  10. GBR Press: Homes plan put on hold after child finds a newt
  11. GBR Press: Appeal for public help to track deadly frog disease
  12. WA Press: Land Trust goes after bullfrogs to save native newts
  13. AUT Presse: Häupl, Lurch und der Salamander
  14. NY Govt Press Release: DEC Investigating Mudpuppy Die-Off On Lake Erie Shore
  15. GBR Press: Newts die in official Flintshire refuge
  16. GBR Press: Rare newts worry over gypsy camp
  17. ON Press: A radical notion about 'the wild'
  18. ON Press: This salamander has a message
  19. ON Press x2: Road plan may die so Jefferson salamanders can live
  20. AB Press x2: Sometimes it's hard to be amphibian
  21. VA Press: Biology Teacher Studies Salamanders
  22. CT Press: Gentle Giants {Spotted Sal}
  23. ON Press: Hanging on: The vulnerable Jefferson salamander
  24. GBR Press: Rare newts halt £2.3m/$4.5 mil hotel venture
  25. GBR Press: Inbreeding And Amphibian Malformations
  26. PA Press: Amphibian ally - With program to increase newt’s numbers ...
  27. DEU Presse: Kleine Drachen sind in Gefahr (Kammmolch)
  28. DEU Presse: "Amphibien-Alarm" bei den Schlossfestspielen
  29. DEU Presse: Neue Erkenntnisse über Immunsystem bei Amphibien
  30. ON Press: 'Rare' salamanders plentiful enough to stall proposed road extension
  31. GBR Press: Lizard leaps from bunch of bananas
  32. CA Press: Salamander plan appears unlikely to move forward
  33. GBR Press: Sun-loving frogs aid fungus fight
  34. GBR Press: Blind drivers halted by the newts
  35. AL Press: Scientists study rare salamander in hopes of protecting it
  36. ON Press: Salamander crossing to provide squish-free passage
  37. SWE Press: Maja mötte salamandern
  38. NLD Press: Salamander gespot in buurt Sancta Monica
  39. CA Press: Amphibian Populations Harmed by Ozone Exposure
  40. DEU Presse: Kröte und Co. leiden
  41. PA Press: Ugly, scary and completely harmless
  42. WI Press: Unamphibious amphibian {Excerpt}
  43. DEU Presse: Mysteriöses Massensterben der Amphibien
  44. AUS Press Video: Darwin dog swallows deadly toad
  45. GBR Press: Smooth, Palmate and Great crested newt
  46. GBR Press: (Shrew vs Newt) *Possibly disturbing to some*
  47. GBR Press: Bacteria could stop frog killer
  48. Horror Frog
  49. GBR Press: Letter: Sober truth about newts
  50. NY Press: Toad-Venom ‘Love Stone’ Killed Man, City Says
  51. ON Press: Long-toed salamanders get “tunnel to love”
  52. ON Press: Slithery salamander comes sliding back into my life
  53. NY Press: Professor seeks $200K to save mating salamanders
  54. GBR Press: Construction firm and four men charged with killing newts
  55. GBR Press: Newts set for return to Shepreth
  56. NY Press: Seeing and Counting Salamanders Close-Up
  57. GBR Press: Newts Stop Dad's Plans
  58. Salamander news
  59. Edge
  60. Missing Link between frogs & salamanders found
  61. CNN: Salamander-inspired therapy may aid injured vets
  62. GBR Press: Newts Stop Dad's Plans
  63. IL Press: Conservationists crusade to save an endangered Illinois salamander
  64. NOR Press: Fant salamander like ved Tistedalshallen
  65. VA Press: Salamander science
  66. AB/GBR Press: Fossil 'seals gap' in frog/salamander debate
  67. GBR Press: Build a pond to help save threatened newt
  68. CHN Press: Earthquake omens & Toads
  69. AUT Presse: Krötenwanderung vor Katastrophe in China missachtet
  70. AB Press: Why did the salamander cross the road?
  71. GBR Press: Newt colony threatens homes plan
  72. GBR Press: Bypass newt search draws a blank
  73. IL Press: Sherman's salamander first of its kind
  74. GBR Press: Rare white albino tadpoles discovered in Wales
  75. VA Press: UMW team's survey of salamanders has legs
  76. OR Press: Would you like a dead salamander with your peaches?
  77. ON Press: Death-Dealing Frogs
  78. DC Press: 'Ark' Designed to Save Imperiled Amphibians
  79. GBR Press: Special fence ensures newt safety
  80. CA Press: Endangered salamanders to be protected
  81. MA Press: Spotting salamanders
  82. WA Press: Fungus threatens state's salamanders
  83. NH Press: Safety at issue between police, salamander brigade
  84. GBR Press: Pet Found Alive After 10 Months Under Floorboards
  85. OH Press: National park, surrounding areas offer natural and man-made wonders
  86. CA Press: Officials plan preservation effort for ... salamander
  87. GBR Press: Newts facing virus threat
  88. GBR Press: Salamander has bred at Hunstanton
  89. BC Press: Urban critters: Giant coastal salamander
  90. GA Press: Answers to amphibian mystery may slither around Ga.
  91. PA Press: Frog Lady Helps Amphibians Cross Roads
  92. GBR Press: Salamanders formed new species despite interbreeding
  93. DC Press: In Manhattan, the Long-Lost Pit Bull of Salamanders
  94. GBR Press: Salamanders formed new species despite interbreeding
  95. DEU Presse: Dr. Dierk Konradi sprach beim NABU über Kreuzottern und Feuersalamander
  96. DEU Presse: Bestand an Feuersalamandern im Nahetal nicht gefährdet
  97. VT Press: Saving Salamanders
  98. UKR Press: Саламандра привлекала туристов в одну 
  99. SC Press: Couple killed near Charleston as oak tree falls on truck
  100. VT Press: Salamander "crossing guards" help out on way to breeding pool