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  1. GBR Press: Miffed as a newt?
  2. GBR Press: It's newt news
  3. FL Press: No newts is not good news
  4. LA Times: Ancient salamanders: world travelers?
  5. IT Press: Scoperta in localitą Piane la presenza di una specie rarissima di rospo
  6. crested newts get new home
  7. CA Press: Rapid global warming threatens lungless salamanders
  8. GBR Press: Two newts given £140,000 new home
  9. Item: Absolute Salamander!
  10. GBR Press: Attack of the cat lady
  11. IND Press: Researchers discover new species of legless amphibian
  12. MD Press: At Dolly Sods, beware the plethodon nettingi
  13. GBR Press: Crested newts could sink waste site bid
  14. FL Press: The Norton gets medieval in new exhibit
  15. GBR Press: Newts put spoke in Olympic hopefuls' wheels
  16. GBR Press: Family of newts delay school plans
  17. CA Press: Migrating newts to stop traffic
  18. GBR Press: Foreign goldfish bring death
  19. OH Press: West G students to testify on behalf of spotted salamander
  20. CA Press: Park Road Closure Breeds Happy Newts
  21. BC Press: Warming Causes Salamanders to Lose Their Stripes
  22. OH Press: Saving the 'snot otter'
  23. ON Press: New salamander find may delay second development
  24. GBR Press: Hampton newts are the stars of new TV show
  25. GBR Press: Trees planted to provide council houses for newts
  26. GBR Press: Round-up of bay newts starts
  27. MO Press x2: Hellbender habitat causes bridge concerns
  28. OH Press: West G's amphibious campaign
  29. GBR Press: Newts neuter poultry plan
  30. DC Press: Salamander Hybrids Have a Leg Up on Mom and Dad
  31. GBR Press: Greedy larvae too much of a mouthful for predators
  32. PA Press x2: On the hunt for hellbenders
  33. GER Press: Zungenfertige Salamander
  34. NJ Press: Salamanders need 100 pools to call their own
  35. CA Press: Eye of newt isn't part of recipe for success, railway owner says
  36. VA Press: Biologist embarks on a census of the Shenandoah salamander
  37. AB Press: How did the salamander cross the road? By tunnel
  38. OH Press: Plea: Spare that salamander
  39. ND Press: Salamander secrets to be studied
  40. MO Press: Area's amphibians face a new threat
  41. ON Press: Naturalist questions salamander secrecy
  42. GBR Press: It's us against the newts
  43. VT Press: Town seeks grant to save salamanders
  44. ON Press: The salamander that stalled a road
  45. GBR Press: Developer fined for destruction of newt habitat
  46. FL Press: Ozark salamander collecting a factor in population drop, study finds
  47. ON Press: New road hits salamander snag
  48. NC Press: Make way for the waterdog
  49. GBR Press: Newt welfare high on London 2012 priority list
  50. MYS Press: Mengejar Naga Zhangjiajie
  51. WA Press: ... Senate's pick for state amphibian
  52. OH Press: A BLAST for salamanders
  53. USA Press: Slow Down for Salamanders - Volunteers Assist Amphibians Across Road
  54. OH Press: Salamanders offered a home
  55. CA Press: Few residents know about California newts
  56. ISR Press: Operation Salamander
  57. OH Press: Amphibians are looking for romance
  58. IL Press: Mudpuppy salamanders: They aren't exactly pretty
  59. Press Excert: Machismo Herping! Have 'You' got what it takes?
  60. GBR Press: Here is the newts!
  61. BE Press: Gilzenaar bekommert zich om salamander
  62. NJ Press: Saving amphibians
  63. NY Press: The World's Most Explosive Tongue
  64. GBR Press: Glamorgan gives rare newts path to survival
  65. CA Press:
  66. JPN Press: Chinese giant salamanders threatening native species
  67. VA Press: 'Amphibian Ark' to isolate frogs from killer fungus
  68. CA Press: Small snakes' adaptation would make Darwin proud
  69. GBR Press: Salamander trumps toad as Mr Universe
  70. CA Press: Winter is the season to go on newt safaris
  71. GBR Press: Early Frog-Spawn Points To A Hop In Uk Temperatures
  72. GBR Press: Pond cleared for newts in spring
  73. NJ Press: Volunteers needed for amphibian crossing survey at Wildlife Refuge
  74. DC Press: Leeches ferry infection among newts
  75. GBR Press: New home for newts colony
  76. CA Press: Judge rules fish and game slipped up by removing endangered salamander
  77. BC Press: Urban Critters: Western redback salamander
  78. GBR Press: Lane Will Close Again For The Highway Toads (& Newts)
  79. CT Press: Udupi professor discovers legless amphibian in Goa
  80. KS Press: A Wealth of Salamanders
  81. NJ Press: Saving salamanders can be slippery proposition
  82. GBR Press: Newt For Hearty Eaters {Excerpts}
  83. GBR Press: Residents battle to protect newts' habitat
  84. GBR Press: Newts welscome here
  85. THA Press: Study finds new salamander species in Chaiyaphum forest
  86. CA Press: Salamander on path to endangered list
  87. GBR Press: Rehousing newts costs council £45k
  88. Press: Idaho Giant Salamanders Found In Montana
  89. GBR Press: No newts is bad news - Gardening
  90. GBR Press: Marines do their duty to help save rare newt
  91. ITA Press: The Insatiable in Pursuit of the Inedible
  92. CA Press: Salamanders emerge when the rain arrives
  93. TX Press: Zoo hopes for the best with mucus-covered salamanders
  94. GBR Press: Newts Delay Safety Work
  95. GBR Press x2: Newts worth more than gold
  96. MO Press: Roads hurt salamanders
  97. RUS Press: Vladivostok Ruble Coins
  98. VNM Press: Rare amphibian found in northern Vietnam
  99. ISR Press: 'Fire queens' are casualties of the war, too
  100. OH Press: Local rivers house endangered amphibians