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  1. Strange looking Chinese newt.
  2. Pachytriton wuguanfui, new species of Hunan and Gunagxi
  3. S. s. fastuosa vs bernardezi
  4. Chiropterotriton miquihuanus described as a new species from Tamaulipas, Mexico:
  5. Identities of Izu Peninsula Cynops pyrrhogaster complex
  6. Identity and courtship traits of Aichi and Gifu populations of Cynops pyrrhogaster complex
  7. Tylototriton anguliceps, new species from Vietnam and Thailand
  8. Tylototriton daweishanensis synonym of T.yangi
  9. Echinotriton maxiquadratus, missing geographic link found
  10. Another new Tylototriton, T.shanorum, from Myanmar
  11. 100 years after discovery, new pickeral frog Lithobates kauffeldi named from NYC
  12. New Lyciasalamandra, L.antalyana gocmeni
  13. Bolitoglossa chucantiensis, new Eladinia of the adspersa group from Panama
  14. Two more new clawed salamanders, Onychodactylus intermedius and O.fuscus.
  15. Three new sirens!
  16. Hynobius amakusaensis, H.osumiensis, H.shinichisatoi; new species with H.boulengeri revised
  17. New warty newt, Paramesotriton qixilingensis, with key to species!
  18. Hello Cryptotriton necopinus, goodbye C.wakei
  19. Eurycea subfluvicola, new cryptic species of streambed salamander from the Ouachitas
  20. Another new Tylototriton from Hunan, Tylototriton (Yaotriton) liuyangensis
  21. Paramesotriton zhijinensis described, and described again
  22. New Pseudoeurycea, P.kuautli
  23. New Japanese Onychodactylus, O.kinneburi, with two more to come
  24. Three recent papers, three (or four) new Tylototriton species
  25. Amphibian taxidermy
  26. Pygmy Salamander Taxonomy
  27. New cryptic species, Paramesotriton (Allomesotriton) wulingensis
  28. Amazon salamander revisions: Bolitoglossa caldwellae, Bolitoglossa medeira, Bolitoglossa tapajonica
  29. More on Desmognathus taxonomy
  30. Triturus ivanbureschi, sort-of new species
  31. Hypselotriton glaucus, new Guandong firebelly
  32. Salamanders & Cell Regeneration: How do They Re-Grow Limbs?
  33. A new albanerpetontid amphibian from the Barremian (Early Cretaceous) Wessex Formation of the Isle of Wight, Southern England
  34. New Salamandra, S.algira splendens
  35. An additional new species of clawed salamander from Japan, Onychodactylus tsukubensis
  36. New Tylototriton species
  37. High diversity and ancient origins of South American salamanders
  38. Proteid evolution
  39. Animal Kingdom book
  40. Phylogenic tree - conserved genes...need sources
  41. AmphibianID - a website concept
  42. S.s.gallaica or S.s.bejarae?
  43. Horned warty newt described as new species, Paramesotriton maolanensis
  44. New data confirm undescribed Triturus species
  45. What is your definition of "species".
  46. Four new species of Onychodactylus described
  47. Great FREE graphics program to help identify difficult salamanders
  48. Three new cryptic species of Oedipina from Guatemala
  49. Pachytriton xanthospilos, new species.
  50. Pachytriton osteology and taxonomy
  51. New warty newt, Paramesotriton jiangkouensis, or nomen nudum?
  52. Two new species of Lyciasalamandra, and other papers
  53. Skulls
  54. Five new plethodontids from Costa Rica
  55. Genetics of Chinese amphibians, Hynobiidae, and hybrid Ambystoma
  56. New species Bolitoglossa (Nanotriton) chinanteca from Oaxaca
  57. New: Tylototriton (Yaotriton) broadoridgus named from Hunan
  58. Evolutionary history of Hynobius
  59. Genetic Distance in Ambystoma?
  60. More on phylogeny of Chinese salamandrids...almost ALL of them
  61. The frogs keep getting smaller...
  62. Updated Paramesotriton phylogeny, with undescribed species
  63. Tylototriton (Yaotriton) revisions
  64. Tylototriton kweichowensis autopsy (Warning, pictures can be shocking)
  65. Further studies on Ouachita Plethodon
  66. Anatomy of the caudate
  67. Have your newts learned to play?
  68. Revision of salamandrid taxonomy
  69. Again a new Paramesotriton
  70. Questions about gynandromorphism and chimeras in Ambystoma mexicanum
  71. New fossil early amphibian. Enjoy!
  72. A new species of Cynops
  73. New article about Tylototriton verrucosus and shanjing (continued)
  74. Origin of snakes
  75. A new ergotaxonomy of the family Salamandridae
  76. Amphibian Species of the World 5.3, an Online Reference
  77. ‘Evolutionary Gem’ By Kim Burgess
  78. Taxonomy changes - Frost et al. 2006
  79. new Pachytriton from China
  80. A Plethodon from Thailand??? (Gray 1859)
  81. yet another new Paramesotriton
  82. New Article about Tylototriton shanjing taxonomy based on mitochondrial DNA