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  1. Planaria ovicidal treatment
  2. Triturus marmoratus - a peculiar massacre
  3. Do you treat your wastewater?
  4. Skin-eating Asian fungus imperils world's salamanders
  5. Dissolved salts for axolotl and plants?
  6. We destroy everything...
  7. Slightly morbid question.
  8. Possible chemical contamination from plastic tubs
  9. Hellbender, North America's Largest Amphibian, Makes List of Top 10 Species Threatened by Water Pollution
  10. Amphibian Declines: Pollution Shown to Worsen Effects of Normal Parasites & Diseases
  11. Global Warming?
  12. Bacillus thuringiensis
  13. HEY! What are your phosphate levels? Mine have been crazy for years!
  14. Use of Carbon Filtration POLL (Not for Axolotl keepers)
  15. New Article: Spotted Salamanders Adapting to Roadside Toxins
  16. Use of Bacillus thuringienis israelensis for Diptherid control in vivaria?
  17. Useful free software for Biochemistry, chemistry, and other interested geeks
  18. EPA verified Atrazine test kits
  19. Chytrid in caudates
  20. What can I do?
  21. Wanted: Pictures stories of salamanders with Bent tails
  22. Water factors in morphing/neoteny
  23. Methylene Blue and Eggs
  24. Advanced water chemistry questions
  25. Testing for Water Pollutants in an Area with a Declining Salamander Population
  26. Effects of carbon filtration on breeding
  27. Vitamin A vs. Beta Carotene
  28. LHRH Hormone
  29. Potassium permanganate in plant sanitizers...
  30. Atrazine questions
  31. Fenbenzadole as hydra killer
  32. Disposable gloves toxic to amphibians
  33. Spotted salamander larvae
  34. MO Press: Sperm & salamanders