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  1. Cannabalism among notophthalmus viridescens?
  2. Leaves as a substrate?
  3. Eastern Newt Setup (pictures included)
  4. Notophthalmus viridescens piaropicola larvae pics
  5. Taricha Torosa
  6. Are my eastern newts trying to breed?
  7. New Eastern newts
  8. Tips on my new eastern newts
  9. Need some advice for rough skinned newts
  10. Housing Taricha Torosa eggs/larvae outdoors?
  11. Dorsalis eggs!
  12. Variants of taricha granulosa
  13. Live bloodworms in tank with larvae
  14. Will/can newts over-eat?
  15. N.v.v. new efts skin very dark and dry
  16. I'm in mourning. N.v.v. apocalypse
  17. Aquatic vs terrestrial notophthalmus viridescens efts
  18. Good reading on wild Notophthalums viridescens
  19. Feeding a newly morphed Notophthalmus Viridescens
  20. N.v.l ? Is this normal
  21. Louisiana newt larvae
  22. To heat or not to heat
  23. Ease of Transitioning T. gran adults to water
  24. Apparently Caddisflies are immune to TTX?
  25. Your favorite coloration of T.granulosa?
  26. Closest living relatives of Notophthalmus genus (Besides Taricha)
  27. How to find wild eastern newts?
  28. Eastern newt death :(
  29. Notophthalmus viridescens piaropicola
  30. Taricha granulosa breeding! FINALLY!
  31. Adult Notophthalmus viridescens injured tail?
  32. Where did all the eastern newt posts go?
  33. Couple good shots of my T.grans
  34. More Taricha toxicity questions
  35. Amphibian pathogen likely to invade the US wild population
  36. Crayfish in Crater Lake threaten newt population
  37. The Torosa family?
  38. Notophthalmus V. "subspecies"
  39. Taricha torosa
  40. Notophthalmus viridescens max temperature?
  41. Notophthalmus viridescens with a swollen throat
  42. Please Read Before Posting in this Sub-forum
  43. Eastern newts!....
  44. T. granulosa habitat?
  45. Could Taricha granulosa breeding be triggered in part by smell?
  46. Taricha Mating Ball
  47. Is this normal? I am finding oddly colored T. granulosa
  48. Mixing Notophthalmus subspecies?
  49. My Amazing little Nemo, His Storie And a Question. Is He Piebald???
  50. Ok! Lets do this again! I want answers! How do you tell T. granulosa from T. torosa?
  51. QUESTION: T. Granulosa: How Do YOU Breed Them?
  52. Taricha or Notophthalmus?
  53. My Notophthalmus and some question
  54. Legality of N.v.v/N.v.l in ontario
  55. Taricha Granulosa
  56. Viridescens or louisianensis?
  57. Eastern Newt Care & Natural History
  58. Overly-exposed Red Eft?
  59. Breeding N. v. v.
  60. I.D. request: T. Granulosa larvae?
  61. N.v.louisianensis - Finally some eggs again!
  62. Taricha torosa or granulosa? Male or female?
  63. Taricha Rivularis
  64. Notophthalmus viridescens backward amplexus?
  65. Red efts.
  66. Raising N. viridescens from eggs - why is it considered difficult
  67. Differing behavior in Notophthalmus viridescens viridescens between higher and lower elevations
  68. Paedomorphs in MO or surrounding states?
  69. To those who have succesfully bred T.Grans...
  70. My newt just metamorphosed--make it a red eft?
  71. Raising Taricha rivularis eggs
  72. What's up with this guy?
  73. Caring for very small efts
  74. My Red Efts
  75. Efts
  76. Nvv breeding - Denmark 2012
  77. Noto larvae
  78. New home ideas please for Taricha granulosa
  79. Noto Metamorphs Not Eating?
  80. What subspecies?
  81. Taricha torosa. Breeding, results, and pics.
  82. T. granulosa not eating
  83. Eastern Newt not growing back legs?
  84. Raising Noto V. V. larvae in culture bin?
  85. Notos
  86. I have eastern newt eggs!
  87. My notophthalmus
  88. Red Spotted Newt Pattern Variation?
  89. Fed my Noto a trout worm... 6 hours later he died.
  90. Eft that LIKES the water?!
  91. Odd Female Granulosa Behavior
  92. How long do Noto V. V. Larvae keep their yolk sac?
  93. California newt
  94. T. Granulosa gravid or overweight?
  95. Noto V V eggs!
  96. Noto v. d. Questions
  97. Notophthalmus viridescens
  98. Red eft got into a bad situation
  99. Notos and color variety
  100. Red Eft not eating?