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  1. Tiger sub-species help?
  2. Found some tiger salamanders
  3. How old are ambystomas before they produce??
  4. Pirate update
  5. Help identifying, please
  6. Ambystoma mavortium and A. tigrinum, helping you ID your salamander.
  7. Ambystoma marvolum/tigrinum?
  8. Tiger Salamander has black growth on his face.
  9. Got a new salamander...
  10. Aquatic set-up for Tigers?
  11. Pirate update thread!
  12. Any papers on Ambystomid burrowing behavior?
  13. New morphed axolotl setup
  14. Soil brand suitable for Tiger substrate?
  15. Leucistic Axoltol - Natural Morphing
  16. My Tiger Salamander Has a Lump?
  17. Is this normal?
  18. Identification as to which Tiger Salamander
  19. Housing Tiger Salamander's together
  20. Best ways to keep Ambystoma Tigrinum healthy?
  21. Eastern tiger?
  22. Mavortium shedding
  23. Histological project
  24. Tiger with curved back
  25. Keeping tiger salamanders outdoors uk?
  26. "Invasive" Ambystoma mexicanum?
  27. Dying salamander needs help!
  28. Andersoni, Axolotl or a hybrid?
  29. Tips for breeding tiger salamanders
  30. New salamander
  31. Strangest thing happened with my tiger during feeding
  32. Sexing A. andersoni
  33. My tigers
  34. We have tigers!
  35. Ambystoma T hybrid with Ambystoma Californiesis
  36. A. andersoni - some truths please?!
  37. What species is my new tiger plz ?
  38. Tiger Salamander getting old and sick
  39. More Tiger salamanders ..
  40. Tiger salamander morphing?
  41. Successful Tiger Salamander Breeding in the UK
  42. Ambystoma tigrinum & mavortium color, spot or pattern changes
  43. Please Read Before Posting in Advanced Topics
  44. My Ambystoma mavortium breeding 2014
  45. Ambystoma gracile x mexicanum?
  46. Ambystoma mavortium melanostictum breeding
  47. Breeding Albino Tiger Salamanders
  48. Re-growth time for legs
  49. Hypomelanistic Ambystoma mavortium mavortium (Barred Tiger Salamander)
  50. When to feed my 3 new juvenile A. mavortium???
  51. CB A. mavortium odd light coloration
  52. A.mexicanum/A.andersoni and snails
  53. Reintroducing Tiger Salamanders
  54. How to avoid going through metamporphosis?
  55. Still Breeding A.mavortium ten years after...
  56. Ambystoma tigrinum
  57. Albino
  58. Ambystoma mavortium mavortium bred in the USA
  59. Axolotl mate selection?
  60. 1 year ago....
  61. New Tiger Salamander/Old Larvae questions
  62. Cannibalistic Tiger?
  63. Europeans succeed with Ambystomatid spec.
  64. Is the eastern tiger salamander the largest species?
  65. Tiger Salamander identification
  66. A.andersoni and worms
  67. Hybrid Ambystoma mexicanum x Ambystoma andersoni
  68. Photosynthetic Axolotls with help from the Spotted Salamander.
  69. Amphibian pellets
  70. Axolotl sex ratio
  71. Bert & Ernie or Bert & Aerin??
  72. Tiger salamanders & human babies??
  73. Breeding
  74. Update on that sal I caught in larval phase
  75. Is sexing neotonic tigers the same way as axolotls?
  76. Concern for larval tiger salamander
  77. Feeding Time!
  78. Can a tiger salamander morph a little bit & stay like that??
  79. Breeding of tiger and marbled sals?
  80. Running body temperature of tigers? Cold temps?
  81. Are morphed A.andersoni and A.mexicanum fertile?
  82. Optimum spawning temperature for A. mavortium
  83. Ambystoma tigrinum breed. PLEASE HELP
  84. Can a reproductive neotonic tiger mate & repriduce with a morphed adult?
  85. Very interesting tiger population
  86. Tiger salamanders.
  87. Eastern Tiger shedding
  88. Species/subspecies identification
  89. Salamander's toes twitch while eating? Eating questions.
  90. Native Tiger Salamanders in petshop! Speak up!
  91. Is this bad? puking salamander?
  92. Interestig coloured axolotl
  93. Brumating Tiger salamanders
  94. UK A.andersoni
  95. Axolotl eye color?
  96. Cannibalistic axolotl
  97. Tiger salamander Availabilty in UK
  98. Tiger color variations
  99. What subspecies of Tigers?
  100. Land vs water