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  1. Question: Female not eating
  2. Question: Laws on shipping axolotl eggs
  3. Axolotl eggs for the first time!
  4. Photo: My dud eggs?
  5. That's Interesting ...
  6. About to be a NEW Breeder!!
  7. Cleaning small juvies tank?
  8. Question: What is the lowest temps eggs can be kept at?
  9. Eggs - No change end of day 4
  10. Axie eggs dead...??? Only just got them! help!
  11. How deep can I have the water for newly hatched axolotls?
  12. How to sell babies?
  13. Baby axolotl, feeding, help.
  14. Baby axolotl, help.
  15. Photo: My 1.5 month old baby Axies
  16. Question: How can I find which 2 of my axolotls just made these eggs?
  17. Question: What am I?
  18. Switching babies to bloodworms....how much is enough?
  19. Howto ship?
  20. Question: Anyone in Texas breeding Axies?
  21. 7-8 weeks old, keep in pairs or seperate completely?
  22. What to do with baby axolotls
  23. Color? leucistic with bright eyes!
  24. Do you have to break an axolotl in when switching to earthworm? Audrey threw them up. :/
  25. Oh dear gosh! Please help me!
  26. Need some help
  27. What Genotype Are These Cuties?!?
  28. What color will odd ball be?
  29. Introducing the males to the females
  30. Question: First time rearing babies. Some spontaneously dying!
  31. Can my hatchlings survive on ostracods?
  32. Daphnia
  33. What should I feed my baby axolotls
  34. Question: Possible eyeless hatchling & funny body shape....
  35. Question: Axo hatchlings, how much should I sell them for.
  36. Question: Courting behaviour
  37. My axolotl is laying eggs... a few questions for a first timer.
  38. Anyone else have a problem with their axie juvie being too scared to eat after moving to a tank?
  39. Head in the sand.. legs wrapped arond plant
  40. Brine shrimp setup was knocked over and my eggs hatched last night! :/
  41. Axolotls breeding? female not eating or laying eggs
  42. How old / big when they eat non live food?
  43. Daphnia vs. BBS
  44. Axolotls laid eggs!
  45. Color question! Anyone? Anyone? ;)
  46. Anyone's axies spawning in Australia
  47. Hatching! Yay!!
  48. Worried! One of my juvi axies is VERY pale today!
  49. Ethical question on runts
  50. Photo: My Babies at Three Days Old!
  51. Was anyone else a little scared when transitioning their axie baby to a tank? I'm a little anxious about it! :/
  52. Energy level drop: Normal or should I be worried?
  53. Albino Female Leucistic Male.. All Wild Offspring???
  54. Question: New Borns and Daphnia or Microworms
  55. Is this baby going to be wildtype?
  56. Question: Color question... :)
  57. 250 eggs
  58. Illness/Sickness: Axolotl larvae suddenly dying off- Urgent help needed!!!
  59. When to feed?
  60. I was losing hope but, I think I have eggs! Help
  61. Axolotl egg laying frequency?
  62. Question: Copper axolotl genetics
  63. Question: Help please! A few unanswered questions
  64. A conversation with my juvi axies today...;)
  65. Photo: My Eggs at Day 1 and Day 5 Comparison!
  66. HELP! What can I transport a juvi axi in?!
  67. Question: How long?
  68. Daphnia help needed?
  69. Do females lay eggs regardless of fertilization?
  70. Question: How much to feed my hatchlings
  71. Question: New Axolotl Hatchling Parent - Need Your Advice!
  72. Photo: All ready for my eggs to hatch!
  73. Is my axolotl a boy or a girl?
  74. Question: No Breeding :(
  75. Inbreeding Opinions
  76. Birth Defects - but seems to be thriving!
  77. Gold x Gold breeding
  78. Question: I cannot tell if these are eggs or not!
  79. Brine shrimp food
  80. Eggs not a lot of jelly...is that bad?
  81. When is safe to sell eggs?
  82. Question: Raising young in a tank
  83. The cutest little axy babies EVER :)
  84. Big size differences. Normal or mutant? ;)
  85. Baby had red dot between eyes, not eating now.
  86. Babies dying
  87. My Eggs!
  88. Marbled eggs?
  89. Just introduced and already breeding!
  90. Is this guy going to make it to full size/adulthood?
  91. Help!! 1st baby hatched but doesnt look right and its maybe too early?!
  92. Excited and impatient :)
  93. 3 large bellied fry in eggs? normal or deformed?
  94. Artemia-Revolution didn't work - Babies need food urgently!! Please advise!!
  95. When to separate to avoid cannabalism
  96. Breeding Axolotls
  97. Feeding babies......opinions please
  98. Sad evening
  99. When to cut back on feeding babies?
  100. Photo: Beast is the first one to have legs!