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  2. Cynops ensicauda popei
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  4. Looking to import Axolotls - will pay for special permits
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  6. Toronto/Ontario
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  9. Hoping to get some..
  10. Trying to find different
  11. Fire salamanders - ontario
  12. Alpestris in Alberta? (I have a male, want to breed him)
  13. Daphnia in the GTA?!
  14. Wanted: Neurergus strauchii
  15. Wanting a chinese fire belly newt!
  16. Breeders of yellow and/or blue spotted salamanders that ship to/within Canada?
  17. Europe trade
  18. Coppers in canada
  19. Looking for a Golden juvenile Axie! :3
  20. Baby & Juvenile Axolotls For Sale - CANADA
  21. Wanted: Golden and Wildtype Female Axolotls
  22. A CANADIAN needs help lol
  23. Orientalis in British Columbia
  24. Still looking for chinese fire-belly newts
  25. Looking for Chinese Fire Belly Newt Eggs
  26. Looking for breeders in Quebec, Canada (or safely shipping here!)
  27. Live Daphnia for sale in South Africa
  28. Looking for newts, sale or trade
  29. Wanted: juvies axolotl in canada
  30. Female Chinese firebelly newts
  31. Looking for Axolotl, CANADA
  32. Looking for Cynops pyrrhogaster (Canada)
  33. WANTED: Copper Axolotl (Canada)
  34. Male Axolotl? (Canada)
  35. ISO wildtype/black axolotl (Canada)
  36. Golden albino or black axolotls? (South Africa)
  37. WTB: Axolotl in Canada
  38. Need Elodea! (Iceland)
  39. Looking for Fellow newt keepers in the Philippines!
  40. Looking for axolotl/eggs in RSA
  41. C. Orientalis - Vancouver, Canada
  42. N. kaiseri in eastern canada or the maritime?
  43. Axolotl seller wanted for india!
  44. Greater Siren?
  45. S.s. terrestris and leucistic P. waltl
  46. Looking for axololt/eggs
  47. Wanted: Triturus Marmoratus (Canada)
  48. Vivarrium/Terrarium or Paludarium
  49. LF CB Cynops/Hypselotriton orientalis (QC)
  50. Looking for Axolotls in Nova Scotia
  51. WANTED!!! i am looking for axolotls (golden, or any GFP)
  52. Does anyone know where Axies can be sold in Canada?
  53. Species available in Canada this spring?
  54. Axolotl eggs wanted In British Columbia!
  55. Buying in British Columbia
  56. LF: Male round 6 - 7 inches in BC!
  57. Lf: Male(s) Neurergus strauchii
  58. Canadian breeders
  59. Looking for Axolotls in Hamilton Ontario
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  61. Axolotls in Southern Ontario?
  62. Triturus marmoratus & Paramesotritons.
  63. Male taricha granulosa?
  64. Wanted:Axolotls (adults or Juvies) or eggs in Ontario,Hamilton or Toronto Area
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  66. Looking for a female cynops pyrrhogaster in France
  67. Rough Skinned Newt Breeders
  68. Need Chiller for 15 gallon (Ontario)!!!
  69. Dusky sal (Canada)
  70. Looking for Axies Vancouver, BC
  71. Looking for Neurergus kaiseri for breeding project
  72. Can anyone mail to Canada
  73. Wanted P. Hongkongensis eggs
  74. Buying Axolotls - Toronto / Ontario Area
  75. Marbled newts
  76. Seeking Paramesotriton Chinensis - Canada
  77. Eggs
  78. Desparately seeking Axolotls - Ontario
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  80. Eggs in calgary ab canada
  81. Tiger salamander websites/breeders in Canada
  82. Looking for free triops eggs
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  84. Java moss and tank decorations
  85. Looking for terrestrial species, Canada
  86. Does anyone know? (Tylototriton in Canada)
  87. LF: Axolotl In Alberta
  88. Newt Wanted - Female P. Chinensis (Canada)
  89. Wanted albino NA Bullfrog tadpoles/juvies
  90. Wanted: C. orientalis, T. marm or I. alpestris Ontario, Canada
  91. Gammarus
  92. Phoenix Worms - Where to buy (Canada)?
  93. Looking for Axolotls COLD LAKE ALBERTA!
  94. Wanted: P.Hongkongensis MALE
  95. Looking For Axolotls - British columbia
  96. Wanted in Alberta: Cynops pyhrrogaster
  97. Wanted in Ontario: Notophthalmus viridescens
  98. Golden Axie wanted in Canada
  99. Looking for Chinese Fire Belly Newt (Canada)
  100. Wanting to find a seller for Axolotls in Calgary, Alberta, Canada