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  1. Soft Sinking Salmon Pellets for Axolotl
  2. Anyone selling any newts?
  3. Looking for axolotl juvies
  4. Does anybody have copper, axanthic, or copper axanthic eggs?
  5. Female Pachytriton Labiatus for sale in California?
  6. Axolotl Eggs
  7. Fire Belly Newts breeders in US?
  8. Looking for Newts
  9. ISO newt eggs
  10. Southern Crested Newts
  11. Where can I get fire bellies?
  12. Cynops orientalis
  13. Wtb Chinese firebelly newt
  14. Copper or Axanthic
  15. Pachytriton, cynops pyrroghaster, Echinotriton chinhaiensis
  16. Looking for Paddletails Please
  17. Looking for taricha rivularis
  18. Local California Newt Purchase
  19. 'Clean' Leucistic GFP or Copper GFP
  20. Help.
  21. Peninsular newts
  22. Leucistic or Albino Tiger Salamander
  23. Trade for two juvenile Portuguese fire sals
  24. Will pay lots of money for anything tylototriton
  25. Axolotl for sale?
  26. Axolotl wanted
  27. Juvenile gfp axolotl
  28. Axolotl Eggs
  29. Cynops Ensicauda, C Cyanurus, or T Macedonicus
  30. Wanted: Adult GFP Axolotls
  31. Looking for eggs
  32. Fire Salamander
  33. Wtb axolotl didn't know where to post this
  34. Paddletails, Kaiseri, Alpines
  35. LF Tylototriton, Triturus
  36. Any eggs for sale?
  37. Wanted: Asian newts.
  38. WTB: Cynops and paddletails.
  39. Laotriton newt
  40. For sale? Please
  41. Looking for a good source of Daphnia
  42. In Maryland.......
  43. Male T.carnifex in IL
  44. Wanted: Any axolotl!
  45. Wanted: T. Pygmaus, and T. marmoratus
  46. Amphibians in Georgia
  47. Female axolotls
  48. WANTED- leucistic and copper leucistic AXOLOTL EGGS
  49. Does anybody have any available eggs or any advice on how to find a seller?
  50. Just a few eggs
  51. Taricha Eggs!?!?!
  52. Daphnia starter in the Seattle, WA area?
  53. ISO various newt species PA
  54. Neurergus eggs
  55. Iso Spanish Ribbed Newts Texas
  56. Plants
  57. ISO ensatina sierra nevada
  58. Wanted Marbled salamander
  59. Wanted axolotls
  60. Wanted Female Copper Axolotl
  61. Wanted: leucistic and melanoid axolotl (VA)
  62. Wanted Lesser or Greatet Siren in Florida
  63. Looking for any Tylototriton in PA
  64. Wanting Fire Belly Newts Eggs!!!!
  65. Wanted Axolotl in Florida
  66. ISO axie eggs; pref copper, golden, or purple
  67. ISO Newt Eggs
  68. Cynops wanted in Virginia, US
  69. Wanted Eastern Tiger Salamander (Ambystoma Tigrinum)
  70. Trying to make a Christmas wish come true!
  71. Looking for alpine newts PA
  72. Alpine Newts
  73. A long time
  74. WTB L. Laoensis
  75. Looking for sale or giveaways
  76. Looking for newts or eggs in FLorida
  77. Wanted: Aquatic isopods and various inverts
  78. Adult Female Copper Axolotl
  79. Wanted Axolotl eggs or larvea
  80. Wanting to buy Axolotl eggs.
  81. Fire Bellied Toad Availability?
  82. Looking to buy Male Chinese Fire Belly Newt
  83. Iberian crested new wanted
  84. Rough Skinned newts
  85. Wanting to buy axolots eggs.
  86. Wanted
  87. Looking for an adult melanoid male axolotl
  88. Need to get rid of your axolotl eggs?
  89. Looking to buy more axolotls
  90. Looking for axolotls in Ohio
  91. Anyone from Michigan?
  92. Looking for opacum
  93. Looking to Buy a Wild Type Axolotl
  94. Any one selling to Idaho?
  95. Adult male het copper (not wild)
  96. Does anyone have grey melanoid axolotl ? I want to buy one
  97. Female golden het for copper
  98. Wanted: T. shanjing or verrucosus, or triturus vittatus
  99. Ichthyosaura alpestris (Alpine newt) wanted - CA
  100. Copper axolotl