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  1. Pipa parva proper setup
  2. Acdf diet. what do you feed yours? and what is your method of culturing if you culture your live food?
  3. Please tell me best foods to feed Adcf or what you feed yours
  4. ADF laying eggs
  5. Albino Clawed Frog
  6. HELP!! African Clawed Frog Sick
  7. Is my care acceptable?
  8. HELP!! URGENT African Clawed Frog Health Issue
  9. 15g ACF stocking
  10. ADF eggs!
  11. Opinions on clawed frog
  12. ADF Vacation feeding?
  13. Does anyone have red & black walking frogs for sale?
  14. Wild type xenopus laying
  15. 3 ACFs Need New Home in Austin TX area
  16. ADF died after 2 weeks from purchase
  17. Best quarantine situation?
  18. ADF foot rotting off?
  19. Earthworms for African Clawed Frogs
  20. ADF's Eat Snails?
  21. Do I have to quarantine?
  22. Floating ADFs?
  23. Dwarf frog shedding skin
  24. Dwarf clawed frog out of water
  25. Substrate for acf
  26. ADF agression or accident?
  27. Breeding Questions ADF's
  28. Ever feed acf salmon pellets ?
  29. Ever feed acf salmon pellets ?
  30. Live or plastic
  31. Deformed from
  32. Odd behavior in African Clawed Frog
  33. Any tips on frog eggs?
  34. Has anyone ordered from Xenopus Express
  35. Hymenichorus tadpole mortality
  36. ACF or ADF in 5 gallon tank
  37. Redecorated tank :))
  38. Xenopus laevis temperature
  39. Asian Floating frogs.. any info ?
  40. Introducing new ACF
  41. Any advice?
  42. What kind of filter do you use?
  43. Raising ADF tadpoles
  44. ACF question
  45. How To Breed Dwarf African Clawed Frogs
  46. ADF has a bump on it's back
  47. Best way to feed adfs in community tank?
  48. ACF or ADF?
  49. Sick African Clawed Frog!!!
  50. Id required please
  51. ACF (X. laevis) eggs/tads
  52. Adf not eating...maybe?
  53. Bloated and lethargic, please help!
  54. New ADF:)
  55. Possible sick/injured ADF?
  56. My New ACF
  57. African Dwarf Frog Sudden Death.
  58. In need of some ACF froglet advice
  59. Male ACF fertilized eggs
  60. ADF's hard to keep alive?
  61. Very Skinny ADF
  62. ADF's too fat?
  63. Rescued ACF with injuries
  64. Are Hymenichorus salt intolerant?
  65. Cannabalistic ACF tads?
  66. Pellets
  67. My male AFC escaped but females croaking?
  68. SPOTS! (wild-phase ACF)
  69. I think I've been visited by the sex-change fairy.
  70. ACFs first encounter
  71. How do you know if your frog is reticulated or wild-phase?
  72. My frogs
  73. Soft bloat in albino african clawed frog
  74. ACF tad - second mass die off
  75. ADF aquarium setup
  76. UK wc X.laevis
  77. Tank set up for african dwarf frog
  78. Breeding African Clawed frogs
  79. Urgent: Sick african clawed frog
  80. Bloated frog
  81. Availability of smaller Pipa spp.
  82. ACF chytrid risk?
  83. African Swimming Dwarf frogs
  84. African Clawed Frog
  85. ADF (Medium)
  86. I Had A Yellow-Bellied ACF As A Boy...
  87. Moved ADF to Temp Tank - Ready to Mate?
  88. New Article: African Clawed Frog Diets: the 2 Best Variations
  89. I need help FAST for my African Clawed Frog
  90. African Clawed Frog Sexing
  91. Photos. Dwarf or Giant Pyxie?
  92. What kind of aquatic frog?
  93. New Article: Breeding African Clawed Frogs
  94. Xenopus gilli
  95. Albino Hymenochirus breeding
  96. Moving!!! Lots of tanks to move!
  97. New Article: Dwarf Clawed Frogs and Salmonella
  98. Swollen abdomen on african clawed frog
  99. Do ADF's get Whitespot
  100. Help my AD frog