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  1. Suggestions for plants for my tank, please?
  2. Water snowball -gymnocoronis spilanthoides
  3. Need suggestions for floating plants
  4. Mystery egg on my elodea plant!
  5. Is this light enough for my plants to grow?
  6. Amazon frogbit sinking?
  7. Aquatic plants
  8. Coleus a Viable Option?
  9. Growth on plant
  10. Spider Planta for Chinese Firebelly Newts?
  11. Easy to care for plants for my newt's tank?
  12. Who has used pennywort??
  13. Recommendations for plants for half water, half land tank for Newts
  14. No Newts, no healthy plants?
  15. Can you ID this plant?
  16. Where to get moss? Prevent mold?
  17. Safe and Not safe?
  18. What kind of moss is this?
  19. 0 Nitrates 0 Phosphates, hornwort starving
  20. Plants are dying
  21. Co2 with newt?
  22. Live plants in bedding??
  23. Lead weights and how do you sterilize plants for aquatic setups
  24. Sagittaria, vqallisneria, pennyqworth,
  25. Anyone use Baby Tears (Soleirolia soleirolii)?
  26. What's eating my plants?
  27. Moss for a Vivarium
  28. Are English Oak leaves safe.
  29. Moss For terrestrial vivarium
  30. Terrarium-Safe Plants: Avoiding Pesticides
  31. What's this plant called
  32. Is Tree Fungus safe?
  33. Lighting for planted newt tank?!?
  34. Lead weights for plants.
  35. Ice water plants (4C-18C)
  36. Wild plants for aquatic setup
  37. Aquatic Plants For Breeding
  38. What's this plant please?
  39. Wild Algae and an Unidentified Wild Plant
  40. Are Lily Pads Safe For My Newt?
  41. Wild pennywort?
  42. Mah Plants Is Die'n Mahn!
  43. Plants Rotting
  44. Some special tricks for setting up a NATURAL planted tank. :)
  45. What's this plant?
  46. Sterilizing moss
  47. Water filtration
  48. Advice on Planting
  49. Advice planting tubs
  50. Planting ivy
  51. Who Sells Bryophytes
  52. Plant Filtration
  53. Mymossgarden from italy
  54. What's this plant?
  55. Sagittaria Subulata Dwarf grass
  56. Safety of Collected Milfoil?
  57. Semi Aquatic Plants for Shallow Water
  58. Aquatic Plants?
  59. Crystalwort?
  60. What aquatic plants should i purchase?
  61. Looking into planted tank w/ Eastern newt efts and fish?
  62. Plants for S. salamandra?
  63. Water Hyacinth
  64. Fan Wort and Eurasion Water Milfoil
  65. Tiger setup help
  66. Caudate Herb Garden
  67. Could I use this?
  68. Disinfecting/treating Java moss
  69. Bioactive Substrate
  70. Gynura aurantiaca-purple passion plant newt safe?
  71. Plant only filtration?
  72. Hydrocotyle in flower.
  73. Plants for Ambystoma Macrodactylum tank?
  74. I'm planning on starting to grow Mosses, Liverworts and other Terrarium Plants...
  75. Plants for fire-belly newt aquascape
  76. Plants that remove nitrates?
  77. Moss - safe?
  78. Not sure if this will be safe to use ( moss)
  79. Where do you get your plants
  80. Plants for "cold water" tank.
  81. Anubias Nana Flower!
  82. Help, moss for an in-tank waterfountain?
  83. Terrestrial/Aquatic plant for C. Orientalis tank
  84. How to grow moss?
  85. How to have a densely planted bare bottom tank - a tutorial
  86. The Fern Thread
  87. Thinking of getting some plants
  88. Java moss
  89. Transplant Shock
  90. Terrestrial Plant Ideas
  91. Sagina subulata?
  92. What do you use as growing medium? (aquatic)
  93. Watercress
  94. Plant problems
  95. Carrot tops!
  96. Moss
  97. Getting paid tomorrow, replanting entire aquarium
  98. Those weirdo - moss balls
  99. Blah! Stupid floaty plants!
  100. A wall of plants?