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MrsMeach 4th February 2012 03:56

New from Central Virginia
Hello I have joined this site in my research to get an axolotl. I want to make sure I have all I need and know how to properly take care of these awesome little creatures.
I already have several aquarium both freshwater and saltwater, along with a Bearded Dragon.

I'm happy to be here,

Mark 4th February 2012 17:53

Re: New from Central Virginia

Originally Posted by MrsMeach (Post 324471)

I'm happy to be here

And we're happy to have you here :D. Welcome to the forum.

Greatwtehunter 6th February 2012 06:18

Re: New from Central Virginia
From one Virginian to another, welcome to the forum!

Helena 6th February 2012 15:19

Re: New from Central Virginia
Im new too and I am happy to have people helping me with my fire bellied newts. (esspecially Justin)

Thank you all!

-Helena :)

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