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nate 22nd October 2004 18:44

We'll let this run for a week. Please vote "yes" or "no" clearly and then explain your reasoning if you wish. I'll start:


I do not want to see us inch towards an all-inclusive site for amphibians. Don't get me wrong, I love and keep frogs and caecilians too, but there's already plenty of sites/forums for them. What we do here is pretty special, in my opinion, and I'd like to see it remain purely caudate.

david 22nd October 2004 18:47

No, no, a thousand times no

jesper 22nd October 2004 18:52

Well, I want this to be caudates exclusively.

(Message edited by jesper on October 22, 2004)

michael 22nd October 2004 18:57

Definite no in my opinion. This is, and I think the name should continue reflect the content.

john 22nd October 2004 19:24

If I wanted to take over the world I think I would start (

The only reason we have Anura and Gymnophiona topics is to cater for those people who might also keep a frog or something and wish to discuss it here too. I am not seeking to pull usership from other sites, nor am I attempting to turn this into the aforementioned

So where's the problem?

I vote "let's keep them as they are right now and that's it". I would even be fine with sticking a note on each of them saying "if you're really interested in these, go to" or some such site.


yago 22nd October 2004 19:31

I do keep mantellas and xenopus and is the only forum I used. So, I will enjoy this complement as a secondary option of my hobby. Even at Gersfeld, a few CB frogs and toads are offered.
I will disagree if you add a forum of dogs though...haha

alan 22nd October 2004 19:38

All the friends I have made through keep a mixture of anurans and caudates, as do I.
None of the "frog" sites I have seen give such good quality advice as (EdK, Mike East, SergeB, take a bow).
It would be a pity if went all elitist.
I vote yes.

john 22nd October 2004 20:07

3 yes, 4 no so far.

hayden 22nd October 2004 20:25

Yes, Like Alan said, Alot of the other frog forums don't give as good of advice as the caudata frog forums...

john 22nd October 2004 20:46

I'm thinking of getting some Bombina orientalis...

shaun 22nd October 2004 21:06

I vote NO. If anything, there should be one forum for anurans, and one forum for caecilians. All of the new sub topics are making the other amphibian sections almost as expansive as the caudata forums.

yago 22nd October 2004 21:08

I got 4 juveniles of bombina maxima! They are gorgeous and great. I've never since any juvenile as funny and hungry after crickets

morg 22nd October 2004 21:24

I vote yes.
I do not think that the other amphibians section detracts at all from the rest of the sites contents.
As already said, a lot of caudate keepers also keep frogs or toads, and the advice handed out on the anura section of is second to none.

john 22nd October 2004 21:25

4 yes, 5 no.

mark 22nd October 2004 21:54

i say yes to keep it
in the ned you don't have to look at it if you don't want, and it's interesting to look at some of the articles , like paris's pipa pipa breeding stuff.i didn't care about it but it was interesting to see the other types of breeding and funny to see those ugly things humping.
but anyway i'm off the point


jennifer 22nd October 2004 22:22

My vote is "no". But if those "other" amphibians are here to stay, I have a suggestion. Could you put the frog and caecilian forums in a different colour? (Notice, John, that I spelled "colour" just for you.)

Now that there is a frog "Photo Gallery" I would like to be able to distinguish it, at a glance, from the REAL Photo Gallery!

john 22nd October 2004 22:35

Define colour - what do you mean, the text or what?

They're not here to stay. This isn't over until the poll is over. I'll abide by whatever decision is collectively reached.

foster 22nd October 2004 23:48

I vote no. At best the site is good as is (as far as other amphibians are concerned) but I would prefer to keep it predominantly caudate oriented. My 2 cents.

mike 23rd October 2004 00:20 is the definitive site for tailed amphibians, with useful information in the Anuran sections.

It's your choice if you want to access it, you don't have to "channel hop".


(There's only one way to spell colour Jen).

john 23rd October 2004 00:20

Foster, no one is proposing making it an "all amphibians" forum or site. That'll never happen.

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