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Kevin Z 6th February 2009 02:52

2009 Grant
Hi everyone. I hope I am posting this in the right place, but I am sure John will relocate me if I am not :happy:. I want to say a great big THANK YOU to everyone in this community who helped raise the funds for Amphibian Ark at the end of '08. But rather than just absorb your donation into our general operating budget, I wanted to do something special with it to acknowledge your role and to encourage your involvement in conservation. So John and I cooked up the idea for a Grant, offered for this first time here in '09, and hopefully repeating every year. Check out the announcement here: . My goal is to collate the applications I get and post them online in a way that you can all vote on your favorite project. You raised the money, you pick the winner, right? The application deadline is a few weeks away, so spread the word, and then watch for another post from me about where/how you can review the applications and vote. I think this is going to be pretty cool, and I hope you agree. Cheers, Kevin

John 6th February 2009 08:58

Re: 2009 Grant
I want to thank Kevin for doing the hard work on this and I also want to thank everyone who donated.

blueberlin 6th February 2009 12:20

Re: 2009 Grant
How unusual for donors to be able to influence where their funding goes. What a thoughtful thank-you! Is it going overboard to say thank you for a thank-you?


John 3rd March 2009 21:17

Re: 2009 Grant
We will be voting on this shortly. In the interests of fairness we will only be allowing voting from those members who donated during the relevant period. However all members will be able to see the applications and the results. Many thanks again to Kevin for his efforts.

froggy 3rd March 2009 23:11

Re: 2009 Grant
Fantastic; thanks to both John and Kevin for arranging this, and again to John for making my suggestion into reality with such efficiency!

I look forward to seeing the options.

John 4th March 2009 18:28

Re: 2009 Grant
Voting will take place here:

John 5th March 2009 22:24

Re: 2009 Grant
Voting has now begun and the initial poll will end on March 15th:

John 30th March 2009 18:35

Re: 2009 Grant
The recipient of the 2009 grant has been selected and notified. You can read more in this thread:

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