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ekocak 11th July 2016 15:23

Fossil Salamander
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I got this Permian temnospondyl this weekend. Strictly speaking it's not a salamander per se, but I believe it's a branchiasaur, which had external gills, a basic caudate body plan and lived about 250 to 300 million years ago.

tipnatee 16th August 2016 14:05

Re: Fossil Salamander
Oh wow!! How big is it?

ekocak 16th August 2016 16:43

Re: Fossil Salamander

Originally Posted by tipnatee (Post 469550)
Oh wow!! How big is it?

About 4 inches long.

ekocak 17th July 2017 19:41

Re: Fossil Salamander
Update: I acquired a new Permian specimen this weekend. This one is a larval Sclerocephalus, a contemporary and predator of Branchiasaurus.

I put them into an album for easy viewing:

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