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Alexscott98 3rd September 2017 17:06

IHS Doncaster meeting September 3rd 2017
Did anyone attend the meeting today in Doncaster at the racecourse today? I travelled there today from Manchester and was surprised that I didn't see many amphibians. Seen a few dartfrogs at most and some salamanders. 1 newt which was a crocodile newt and a few axotls, was expecting to see more species of newts if I'm honest..

Chinadog 3rd September 2017 21:28

Re: IHS Doncaster meeting September 3rd 2017
Yes, my friend morg and i go to most of them and I agree they are hit and miss when it comes to phibs. Sometimes though, the newts I have seen there have been quite unusual. Over the last few, amongst the standard adult Axolotls and waltls there have been juvenile Taricha torosa, T granulosa, Cynops ensicauda popei (sadly without locality data or I would have snapped them up!) and Triturus pygmaeus so it's always worth a look.
I always think these kinds of expos are driven by a combination of dry goods companies promoting their latest pot skull decorations and coloured sand substrates along with reptile breeders selling their latest colour morphs before they go out of fashion, but it's horses for courses i guess, pardon the pun. ;)

Alexscott98 3rd September 2017 22:59

Re: IHS Doncaster meeting September 3rd 2017
I was dissapointed if I'm honest. I was expecting to see more than what I saw. Today it was just all snakes and leopard geckos with the odd crested geckos. Was hoping to pick up a pair of Triturus dobricus but none were there.. and I do agree on the promoting of skull decorations, I went to the 'clearence sale area' what a waste of time that was.. anyhows that was my first IHS meeting and there is another one in November so I may go to that one.

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