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dimaria 10th September 2017 11:15

Water wisteria hysteria
Oh boy. When I get these plants I didn't know how bushy they would get! I love how the tank looks, but the wisteria is getting so thick the poor angel can't hardly swim through it anymore.

I was supposed to be gettting a 50 g tank for this angel fish a long time ago, but my savings had to be used when my little sister and I ended up in a car accident with my mom. Not going to get into all of it, personal stuff y'know, but the short of It, was that we ended up using my savings to buy my lil sis a gift when she wasn't doin so good. Priorities had to be faced,

But back to the plants, they're getting pretty darn bushy and I want to trim them down.'s mainly this one single plant, the others are still fine. How do I trim water wisteria?

Otterwoman 10th September 2017 13:30

Re: Water wisteria hysteria
You just take a bunch out and offer it for sale. :)

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