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Jan 1st August 2010 13:48

Amphibian Glossary added to Caudata Culture
Our experiment in group writing was very successful and after 2.5 years has culminated in the development of the Amphibian Glossary now available in the FAQ section of Caudata Culture.

See: Caudata Culture Amphibian Glossary

The glossary defines more than 150 terms that are commonly used in relation to amphibians in general and caudates in specific and should prove to be a useful resource especially for those new to the caudate arena. This is a ‘living document’ where new words and definitions will be added as they are posted here in the forum glossary project thread.

I would like to extend a BIG thank you to all the members of the Forum who participated in contributing to this glossary and without whose input this 'community' document would not have been possible - you are identified in the glossary as participants. Special thanks also go to the Caudata Culture Editorial Committee for their countless hours of work with this project.

Otterwoman 1st August 2010 15:53

Re: Amphibian Glossary added to Caudata Culture
Great job!

Jennewt 2nd August 2010 02:03

Re: Amphibian Glossary added to Caudata Culture
I give special gratitude to Jan, who got this project restarted after it seemed to die, and saw it through to completion. Thank you!

Jan 27th August 2010 11:49

Re: Amphibian Glossary added to Caudata Culture
The glossary is taking on a new look! Jennewt has been adding several thumbnail photos to glossary definitions. As is said....a picture is worth a thousand words.

Thanks Jennewt!

Agonzalez 31st August 2017 17:39

Re: Amphibian Glossary added to Caudata Culture
Thank you all for your hard work.
This is a comprehensive and valuable list.
Appreciate that you all are making it available for all.

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