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Cloppy 30th May 2017 23:50

Biggest lie?
What is the biggest lie you have ever told?

Otterwoman 31st May 2017 20:00

Re: Biggest lie?
You're the only one hahahahahaha

And you??

alexps 1st June 2017 13:14

Re: Biggest lie?
This will be the last salamander I will buy

Purpletotodile 1st June 2017 14:13

Re: Biggest lie?
"This is the last plant I'm getting for my axies"

Otterwoman 2nd June 2017 13:38

Re: Biggest lie?
You people live boring lies.

Nevesj98 2nd June 2017 22:44

Re: Biggest lie?
This is the last newt i'm gonna buy

Chinadog 4th June 2017 11:22

Re: Biggest lie?
Drunk? Me? Naahh, I've only had one or two, honest!! ;)

Sith the turtle 7th June 2017 02:48

Re: Biggest lie?
I'll never see/photograph an owl ;)

supergrappler 7th June 2017 20:43

Re: Biggest lie?
Don't worry, it isn't contagious.

AuSu 9th June 2017 10:37

Re: Biggest lie?
Ah, it's just a little one - it won't hurt at all to take it off!

dubs 6th August 2017 12:23

Re: Biggest lie?
Interviewer: So, why did you apply for this job?

Me: [Pre-prepared spiel, never mention 'I have bills to pay'].

ElaineCheeko104 11th September 2017 05:58

Re: Biggest lie?
There's two big lies at once.
Manager:That has to go, That's bigger than a 10 gallon aquarium, The lease states that you can have a 10 gallon aquarium and nothing larger,
Me: It's not an aquarium, There's no fish or water in there, It's a terrarium. All that's in it is soil and plants,
:D :D :D

kasheper 24th October 2017 21:11

Re: Biggest lie?
Wow... now I'm starting to feel like a horrible person 'cause all these biggest lies make my biggest lie look terrible.

My biggest lie is a lie of omission. I still haven't told my dad that I'm not straight.

Blackbun 26th October 2017 15:20

Re: Biggest lie?
I read the title and thought this was for Trump but then there’s not enough space for that.

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