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SludgeMunkey 26th September 2009 14:03

Chat Event Results and Chat Log
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Good morning!

Last night's initial chat events went pretty well. Quite a bit of caudate related talk was had by those in attendance.

As an experiment, it was a success I feel.

Here is a copy of the Logs from the event(s). (The time stamps are a bit strange as this is pieced together from a few different copies)

I suspect that it may be wise to do a few more species specific events rather than general topics. I feel the axolotl half was better received than the Vivarium half.

Tells us what you think, if you were there. I suspect we can develop this into a regular event with a bit more polish and elbow grease.

Greatwtehunter 26th September 2009 20:38

Re: Chat Event Results and Chat Log
I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the next ones. I should also add that those that didn't attend becuase they thought they wouldn't have anything to add that they should really join in next time. It was quite a learning experience.

Aimee 26th September 2009 20:52

Re: Chat Event Results and Chat Log
First of all, I'd like to say thank you, Johnny, for your efforts in planning and hosting such a great event!

I found that bringing together our caudate enthusiast community for the purposes of discussing the caudate issues/topics that interest us to be very stimulating and rewarding. Additionally, it was really great to get to know everyone better via a live chat environment versus the posting atmosphere that we are all so used to.

Though I was unable to attend the second chat event (:(), I thoroughly enjoyed the axie discussion. I do agree that topics should be narrowed down a bit further. Going in, I was unsure that there were enough questions to fill the time. What I found, however, was exactly the opposite!

Nevertheless, I learned a great deal and think this was a very worth while event. I look forward to future chat sessions :wacko:

P.S. I read through the chat session I missed and didn't see any discussion on the question you posed, Johnny. What are the differences between terrariums, vivariums, paluadiums, and aquariums? :D


SludgeMunkey 26th September 2009 22:49

Re: Chat Event Results and Chat Log
Aye, Things were moving fairly well, so I left that one out.

But to answer that one:
Technically speaking, an enclosure featuring only plants is a terrarium.
A vivarium is any enclosure with live animals.
An aquarium is an aquatic enclosure for animals.
A palaudrium is a "wet" vivarium usually for bog plants or semi aquatic animals.

Slimy2 27th September 2009 01:20

Re: Chat Event Results and Chat Log
I think the event was a great success. I learned quite a bit about axolotls during the first half of the event. The vivarium half of the event was quite informative aswell.

I would like to encourage others to attend these events too. There is much you can learn from them. I will try to make time to be at most of them.

cichlidjedi 27th September 2009 01:32

Re: Chat Event Results and Chat Log
During the vivarium chat I learned a new formulation on mixing soils thank you John. Also on the axolotl chat session I got some info on the new ambystoma andersoni I will be getting next week. I'm not one that spends time chatting online but I have to say I enjoyed the event. I agree with species specific topics, but I guess the only downfall would be to those that are not into the species being discussed. Also I'm not sure if there is a protocol when chatting in a live event so you don't chat over or interupt someones chat questions?


SludgeMunkey 27th September 2009 16:02

Re: Chat Event Results and Chat Log
The chat room has a "private message" function that effectively creates a separate, private chat window that allows two folks to converse directly in real time.

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