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Abrahm 10th June 2008 17:26

What do those little pictures mean?
For all the users who are not sure, here is a helpful guide to the common buttons/images in a post: You will see this image in the user bar on the left if the user is not online currently. This is the button you will see when the user is online. If you see people making great posts and giving good information click on this to give them more reputation so they stand out as knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Reputation power: This number is based off your post count, how long you've been a member and your reputation. When you give someone reputation they get points equal to your reputation power. If you give people bad reputation they lose half as many points as your reputation power. A person with a reputation power of 10 gives to points to people for good reputation and takes 5 points away from people with bad reputation. If a post violates the forum rules or is somehow questionable click on this button inside that post to bring it to the attention of the moderators and administrators. This icon represents your reputation. The bigger it is the more people find you and your advice useful. Red reputation means you are in the negative; you should be careful about the advice you give out. If you think someone posted something mean or naughty please use the report feature instead! Light grey means you are neither negative or positive - this is generally where a new member's reputation starts. Dark grey means the person has turned off their reputation display - only forum administrators can do this. If you want to quote multiple people in your posts click on this button in each post that you are interested in quoting then hit at the bottom of the page to start a new post that has all the quotes posts in it for you.

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