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findi 16th February 2012 02:24

Cricket Care and Breeding
Hi All,
Please check out: Cricket Care & Breeding: Keeping Your Live Food Alive

The Domestic, Brown or House Cricket, Acheta domesticus, is the most widely-used live food for reptiles, amphibians, tarantulas, scorpions and other pets. At once hardy and delicate, it eats just about anything and is easy to breed, yet a colony can be wiped out in hours if conditions are not perfect. Whether you need only to keep a few alive so that they can feed for several days (thereby increasing their nutritional value) or plan to save money by ordering in bulk or breeding your own crickets, die-offs can be avoided if you follow a few simple rules. Read article here: Cricket Care and Breeding - Keeping Your Live Food Alive | That Reptile Blog
Comments and questions appreciated,

Thanks, Frank!/findiviglio

Frank Indiviglio | Facebook

Bio: That Pet Place welcomes Zoologist/Herpetologist Frank Indiviglio to That Reptile Blog | That Reptile Blog

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