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PrincessAxolotl 13th September 2017 23:00

Maggots in Microworm culture?
So i started a microworm culture and its been going great so far, Started up a newer one from the old on but did throw out the old one just in case mine didnt go well. Its been fine, millions of little worms for my newly hatched axies, But today i go in to start a new culture to give to my friend that owns a petshop bc she took alot of eggs off my hands bc i have too many axolotls to start raising another clutch, and i noticed what looks to be maggots/ fruit fly larvae in the mix with my microworms. Im wondering if they'll hurt the microworms i have atm and if it would hurt my axies at all. I have a group of older axies, around 3 in and have their arms and legs developed, Would they like these larger worms or would it be harmfull for them? Will the larger ones mess with the small microworms in a way i cant feed them to my newly hatched? And is it safe to start a new culture for my friend from this one? My friend hasnt ever raised axolotls and i really want to be able to help her with it in anyway so she doesnt go through the heartache i did with my first try so i dont want to hurt them on accident and seem like i dont know what im doing, But this is my first time using microworms, i usually use bbs but she doesnt have time for bbs what with all the other animals she cares for and i thought this would be alot easier for her. any help would be appreciated!

Otterwoman 18th September 2017 14:17

Re: Maggots in Microworm culture?
I think the sals would eat maggots too if they are not too big. In the future you can put a small piece of sponge through the airholes to prevent flies from getting in and laying eggs.
You can start a new culture from them, just remove some worms and start one. I don't think they are "contaminated" any more than any other creature living in soil with god knows what kind of variety of bacteria and microorganisms.
Also, maggots that I know only eat dead flesh, so I wouldn't worry about the eating your microworms. But that is just conjecture from the maggots I have known. Which will be the title of my autobiography, "Maggots I have Known."

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