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tylototriton 6th October 2008 02:18

Camera Recommendations
I'm sure this is a repeat thread, but I need some camera advice. I'm looking to get into photographing reps and amps and would like to get a decent camera and lens. I'm heading back down to Costa Rica in March, so I would like to get set up by then. So does anyone have any recommendations?


blckkeys 6th October 2008 17:04

Re: Camera Recommendations
I use a Pentax k10D DSLR. I love it. It takes 10.1mp, it is weather sealed, and has a built in image stabilizer, so any lens you use will have image stabilization. Also, you can use just about any lens Pentax ever made, that is a K mount lens, and for their other mountings, you will need an adapter. Plus it won't break the bank either, and is fairly simple to use.

However, Pentax no longer makes the K10D, they upgraded to the K20D and a slightly lower intro model the K200d, and I think they have a K2000d as well. But you may still be able to find a K10d.

The only drawback, in my mind, is getting it serviced. Because it is not a Canon or Nikon, not every camera shop will be able to service it, or even have lenses readily available for it.

tylototriton 4th February 2009 14:05

Re: Camera Recommendations
I figured I would finally post the conclusion to this adventure. I went with the Nikon D80 with some zoom lenses, the 50mm lens, an SB-600 and the Nikkor 105mm Macro with the possibility of the 60mm as well. That about depletes my wallet although i'm getting almost all of it used so that certainly helps. Thanks for all the insight everyone!


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