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ShaneHatlee 17th September 2015 03:29

Breeding tank
I am setting up a very elaborate terrestrial tank for my mole salamanders. I also want to set up a breeding tank. The terrestrial tank will be 220 gallons 6ft long, 2 feet wide, 3o inches high. I have another matching tank. I'd like to give them access to. I will cut glass and make it safe. But what I want to know is.... is this too deep? It's 30 inches deep. Will they breed in such a deep tank? In reality, it will be 24 inches by the time I'm done with subrate and it will be very very very heavily planted.

AdvythAF 18th September 2015 03:22

Re: Breeding tank
Sounds like a very daring and ambitious project, but I'm sure the tank will be beautiful when its finished! :rolleyes:

However, because of how deep the tank is, you might not see the salamanders very often, since they are mole salamanders, and in a huge tank. As for breeding, you have to be a bit more specific on the species you are trying to breed. Mole salamanders are a whole family! Many of them use vernal pools to breed, not underground like many Plethodontids.

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