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grapeape 18th May 2015 00:44

My little ensatina collection
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Some of my ensatina.

Neotenic_Jaymes 17th July 2015 05:22

Re: My little ensatina collection
Wow how many species do you have? These look great.

grapeape 22nd July 2015 03:45

Re: My little ensatina collection
Hi James!
I have large blotched, Sierra Nevada, and Monterey's. Each species has their own set up and have had succes breeding with the Monterey's the last 2 years. I release the cb babies into the wild at a locality where I grew up that has an abundance of them.

grapeape 22nd July 2015 04:30

Re: My little ensatina collection
I only have the 3 species, large blotched, sierra nevada and monterey. The monterey breed every year and I release the cb hatchlings at a locality where i grew up and where there is an extreme abundance of monterey ensatina present. I posted pics of the habitat that i release them in, in a post below of finds and habitat shots.

sde 22nd July 2015 21:15

Re: My little ensatina collection
Platanos, please, do not release the babies into the wild. It is possible they could have been exposed to and carry a disease like chytrid, bsal, ranavirus etc., and when you release them they could spread it to the wild populations, making your efforts counter productive.
Congrats on breeding them, that is fantastic! -Seth

Nuclear Herps 23rd July 2015 16:53

Re: My little ensatina collection
There amazing i wish we had these little guys back in the uk.however congrates breeding them 👍

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