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grapeape 18th May 2015 01:00

Finds and Habitat shots.
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Sorry about poor photo quality all taken with my phone and for some reason the they got distorted and the Arboreal by the bricks got flipped sideways.

tindomul1of9 18th December 2015 05:05

Re: Finds and Habitat shots.
Nice, I can't ID all the species, can you ID them, thanks.

Cloppy 28th February 2017 01:08

Re: Finds and Habitat shots.
You got yourself a nice little newt there!

NewtsMcGee 2nd September 2017 16:56

Re: Finds and Habitat shots.
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I saw a lot of what I believe are Desmognathus quadramaculatus on a hike in the Smokey Mountains near Gatlinburg. They were along a fast moving creek, mostly under rocks and darting up on boulders to catch bugs.

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