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Mykey93 21st August 2015 23:05

Bolitoglossa from Honduras
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Hey everyone,

I'm a researcher that works on tropical salamanders, and particularly Bolitoglossa. These are a few photos of three species I have come across while doing field work. Oedipina sp, Bolitoglossa celaque, and B. nympha.


philj 23rd August 2015 23:45

Those are some awesome pics! what gear do you use? I use a 70-300mm telephoto but its a bit awkward for salamander photos because close focus is 1.5 metres....

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Mykey93 24th August 2015 21:16

Re: Bolitoglossa from Honduras
I use a 105 Macro lens, which seems to never come off my camera. I love taking full body photos or close ups of their head, so its perfect for what I want!

philj 25th August 2015 21:26

Which model lens is that? I use a nikon d90 and im looking at getting a new lens for photographing reptiles and amphibians (when i get some money together...)

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Mykey93 26th August 2015 23:28

Re: Bolitoglossa from Honduras
Its the Nikon 105mm macro lens on a D7000. Definitely took awhile to save up for that one, but if you're into herp macro photography it is beyond worth it. Great for venomous snake photos, as well. Here's a link to my flickr; almost all of the photos were taken with that setup.

philj 29th August 2015 16:31

Cheers, ill definitely look into it! Those photos are really good, ill see if i can upload a few photos later on (pretty much all of them are european species). Ive dropped you a pm

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blackmetal 13th November 2015 18:36

Re: Bolitoglossa from Honduras
Nice photos! May I ask the subject of your research?

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