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Daimler 24th October 2015 18:28

Aneides aeneus has teeth?
The Aneides aeneus has teeth like the aneides lugubris? do a painful bite like the lugubris?

Neotenic_Jaymes 25th October 2015 00:30

Re: Aneides aeneus has teeth?
They don't have teeth like A. lugubris. The larger species of Aneides have teeth. But Aneiedes lugubris have the most pronounced teeth out of the genus.

Daimler 25th October 2015 09:55

Re: Aneides aeneus has teeth?
Thanks! :D I have another question...
What are the best temperature and caresheet to keep them?What is the best aneides that resist to hight temperature on summer ( 28-30C)? they eat only live food?
sorry for the lot of question but in caudata culture there are only photo. :artist:

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