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plethdemography 7th November 2016 17:03

Request for Plethodon clutch data
Hi fellow salamander enthusiasts!

I'm a PhD student studying Plethodon in western North Carolina and I'm looking for some data from folks who breed Plethodon, any species, specifically, what clutch sizes do your animals produce and how many of those eggs actually hatch? Ideally, I'd find this out for animals in the field but that's next to impossible so I am turning to you, the people who actually successfully breed these animals in hopes of at least getting a baseline in captivity.

If you can help me with this, please tell me:
- the species of the female and the male
- the snout-vent length of your female in millimeters
- the approximate location where she was collected
- the number of eggs in each of her clutches
- the number of eggs that hatched in each clutch (if any)
- the number of eggs that she ate in each clutch (if any)

Thanks so much for your help!

taherman 9th November 2016 04:04

Re: Request for Plethodon clutch data
Very, very few people breed any Plethodon in captivity, and I suspect most of those are in Europe now, particularly since they were all listed as injurious under the Lacey Act. Those that do breed them probably do not want to disturb a brooding female to get this data, as it would likely result in clutch failure.

I have a few photos and collection data but do not have any measurements. Feel free to send me a private message for more details.

Best of luck,

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