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Azhael 19th April 2008 12:27

Plethodon glutinosus and their tank :)
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So i finally got myself a trio of slimy salamanders and i have to say iīm hooked for life. Though iīve always been more a european/asian caudates person, i had something for plethodontids....but now that iīve seen them in real life....i want them all xDDDDD
They are two juveniles and a (supposedly) male.
Thereīs also a pic of their tank. I hope itīs perfectly suitable for them.

Nathan050793 19th April 2008 16:25

It looks fantastic! It does resemble habitats I've found them in.

Azhael 19th April 2008 21:46

Thank you :)
Thatīs what i was hoping for...they really seem to enjoy the set-up, with all the posibilities to hide.

Slimy2 20th April 2008 00:27

I must agree with Nathan. It looks just like the habitats I find them in. The sals look nice too.

Plethodonae 20th June 2008 23:26

Re: Nice!
Very nice setup!!! I'm keeping one P.Cinereus in a viv sort of like yours. Except more plants. But yours is fantastic! I give it 5 stars.

jctkc 31st March 2010 20:52

Re: Plethodon glutinosus and their tank :)
What do you feed these guys and how often? I had some morph from their larvae stage and I got them to eat crickets, but i don't want to go to the pet store every two weeks for crickets.


Slimy2 1st April 2010 01:32

Re: Plethodon glutinosus and their tank :)
Earthworms are a perfect food for slimy salamanders and they were the staple diet for mine, however, I have fed them mealworms, termites and various beetle larvae that I find in the woods. I fed mine every two or three days.


Azhael 1st April 2010 13:37

Re: Plethodon glutinosus and their tank :)
Jctkc, i donīt know what you have, but they canīt be Plethodon glutinosus...
P.glutinosus lays eggs on land and thereīs no larval phase, they are born already as miniature adults.

deliriah 17th May 2010 11:58

Re: Plethodon glutinosus and their tank :)
Beautiful setup! And beautiful animals too.

eljorgo 19th June 2010 18:33

Re: Plethodon glutinosus and their tank :)
Rodrigo nice animals! They look amazing! May I ask were did you got those adults?

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