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AmandaLyne 19th December 2008 23:53

My new setup suggestions???

I have since these were taken been fishing out the strey gravelrocks. Mostly all out now. I have also put in a few guppy babies for them to eat but they havent gone near them. I made sure they had no disease.

The few liveplants i have put in really cleared up the water.

mzcmn 20th December 2008 00:11

Re: My new setup suggestions???
I need to develop more substrate myself, I only have a few large plastic stones, but you have no problems with the gravel? My ax would be sucking that stuff up. I'm probably going to get some plants, too.

AmandaLyne 20th December 2008 00:22

Re: My new setup suggestions???
Nope its not gravel is not sand either but crushed river stone its called. Its heavy enough that its not strred up my the filter or the axis swimming and walking but light enough that if they swollow it then it will go right thru them.

kira 20th December 2008 04:00

Re: My new setup suggestions???
I love your tank!!!

AmandaLyne 20th December 2008 04:05

Re: My new setup suggestions???
Sweet thanks. Tomorrow we are getting a new one. Its hugge. 3.5 Feet in length and 26 inches high by 1.5 feet deep. IAMSOOOOOO EXCITED!

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