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lisalee2 19th September 2007 14:04

free axi eggs
Free to good home 1000 axolotl eggs layed buy two females a luctistic and wildtype and wild type father so eggs will be both coulours. Pick up only. if any ones intrested please email us at asap.

Jennewt 19th September 2007 15:23

Just to clarify the genetic issue... do you know the colors of the parents of the wildtype male? It's possible that all the offspring could be wildtype in appearance.

lisalee2 19th September 2007 19:00

the farther wild type has got the lutistic mum pregnent 2 times before and the babys both times turned out both coulours, black wildtype and white lutistic so i have a good idea these will turn out the same also another female axi of ours whos wildtype by the wild type farther has layed eggs too.

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