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ChrisCook18 5th June 2012 20:02

Axolotls for sale
Hey everyone,

I'm selling 5 adult axolotl's, because I'm moving house and I'm not allowed pets there :(
There's a male leucisitic, called Doctor.
An albino called ghost
Two wild types, one black melanoid by the name of Judy, and a spotted light brown wildtype called Mickey.
And finally there's a golden axolotl called Thor. he's got a leg which dropped off, but has started to regrow.
15 each, or 25 for a pair of them, or 50 for the lot of them. I live in Leeds, West Yorkshire, collection only.


ChrisCook18 6th June 2012 11:26

Re: Axolotl's for sale
Okay, since I've got a week, to move out and move into my new property, I'm willing to give them away to a new home, there's also two four foot tanks included as well.

PAWS 8th June 2012 15:23

Re: Axolotl's for sale
Hi Mate - sorry i can't help you - too far away for a start. Just wondered - have you tried a local school? Sometimes they take these kinds of wonderful animals to educate the children? - just a thought.

good luck!

Egglebear 12th June 2012 23:11

Re: Axolotl's for sale
is judy a female then i take it?

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