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Aschneider8 27th September 2017 22:31

Re: Juvenile axolotls
Interested in gold if there are any left.

Brigitte 1st October 2017 16:39

Re: Juvenile axolotls

Originally Posted by levinas (Post 481966)
What type is the speckled one, next to the yellow colour albino?


wild type :)

dragonladyred 2nd October 2017 00:02

Re: Juvenile axolotls
Can I see photos of what you have left?

Brigitte 3rd October 2017 14:58

Re: Juvenile axolotls
Let me know if you are still interested

Brigitte 4th October 2017 17:54

Re: Juvenile axolotls
The ones that were obviously gold are gone, I have some that are definitely hinting at gold. I have ones that are very white and some with pink hue.
I have a couple more being returned from summer care and I'll let you know if I have any gold among them.

Brigitte 4th October 2017 18:12

Re: Juvenile axolotls
I will be happy to post pictures of them once they have healed from being too crowded this summer (some missing legs, toes, etc). I have all 4 types left, lots of albino. What type are you interested in? I could maybe pm you a picture of one you wanted to buy before you decided and send you that particular axolotl. Did you mind missing limbs or do you want to wait until they grow back?

Brigitte 4th October 2017 18:15

Re: Juvenile axolotls
if you are still interested please let me know

ndbug 5th October 2017 09:43

Re: Juvenile axolotls
I would still like to purchase some

Ampacker 5th October 2017 13:51

Re: Juvenile axolotls
I am interested in buying an axolotl but would need it shipped to me in michigan.

Brigitte 18th October 2017 22:30

Re: Juvenile axolotls
Which kind are you interested in?

Brigitte 18th October 2017 22:32

Re: Juvenile axolotls
Which kind are you interested in, please pm me and I will get back to you.

Brigitte 18th October 2017 22:34

lots of albino
lots of albino and several leucistic left! I will ship to legal states.
pm me if interested.

oOFyreflyOo 23rd October 2017 00:17

Re: Juvenile axolotls
Sent you a PM

Brigitte 28th November 2017 00:50

UPDATE: Juvenile axolotls
I now have
4 albino
6 leucistic (2 have freckles, freckled selling for $20 each rather than $15)
1 melanoid

They are $15 plus shipping (3 or fewer ship for under $20)

nursekb 14th December 2017 04:14

Re: Juvenile axolotls
I am interested in an axolotl and sent you a private message. Thanks!

Dolphinlover55 14th December 2017 17:18

Re: Juvenile axolotls
Are there any Leucistic still available? :happy:

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