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Brigitte 4th June 2017 20:57

Juvenile axolotls
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I have about 75 juvenile axolotls for sale that were raised by my students. The proceeds go to a student fundraiser. More info available on fundraiser if you're curious. :)
We are asking $15 each.
We know the genotypes of the parents, they are AaDdMm x aaddmm Students did punnet squares and verified the cross using chi square analysis.
so we have:
leucistic (reg and melanoid leucisitic)
wild type (het for mel and albino)
albino (regular, golden, and melanoid albino)
they are eating frozen blood worms and are 3" +
Shipping charges depending on type of shipping you choose, I will look at weather before shipping and only ship if there isn't a heatwave on the path from me to you to keep them safe.

Brigitte 8th June 2017 17:05

Re: Juvenile axolotls
still have
12 melanoid
8 wild
20 leucistic (one freckled)
30 albino

Brigitte 22nd June 2017 18:31

Re: Juvenile axolotls
I am no longer shipping until September (heat, travel, and many other reasons), but these guys are still available if you can pick up in Portland, OR.

thegoldfishboy 12th July 2017 02:56

Re: Juvenile axolotls
i would love to adopt two of them! i would love a melanoid and a leucistic if they you would be willing to ship to california

Natalieeaton 12th July 2017 05:27

Re: Juvenile axolotls
I would be down to take one off your hands, but i have a few questions, if theyre still available of course~

Nerdyleigh 11th August 2017 12:13

Re: Juvenile axolotls
If you have any leucistics available still I would love to have one!

jcrose220 12th August 2017 23:25

Re: Juvenile axolotls
I would love to take one off your hands if you still have any available!

Jenimelinda 13th August 2017 16:52

Re: Juvenile axolotls
We would love a leucistic baby as soon as Sept rolls around and you can ship again. I look forward to hearing from you!


Soxfan 17th August 2017 01:16

Re: Juvenile axolotls
Hi Brigitte,
I am wondering if you have more axolotl available? I am particularly interested in wild type.
Thanks! Jen

rhotle 29th August 2017 21:49

Re: Juvenile axolotls
Hi Brigitte! I was wondering if you had anymore leucistics available? If not, I would still totally be interested in purchasing one. Thanks :)

LennyOxley 31st August 2017 14:34

Re: Juvenile axolotls
Hello! If you're starting up shipping soon I'd love to purchase a leucistic.


Yanayrivero1996 3rd September 2017 17:06

Re: Juvenile axolotls
Are they available now for shipping?

RupertxGiles 5th September 2017 03:56

Re: Juvenile axolotls
pming you , id like 4 mels

markjw 10th September 2017 16:35

Re: Juvenile axolotls
Are any still available? I would like to buy 2 or 3 and ship them to NY.

joshuah459 19th September 2017 03:34

Re: Juvenile axolotls
Are any of them left? I'm very interested :)

ndbug 19th September 2017 14:35

Re: Juvenile axolotls
I am also interested in some.

Brigitte 25th September 2017 18:21

Re: Juvenile axolotls
Let me know if you are still interested.

Brigitte 25th September 2017 20:29

UPDATE: Juvenile axolotls
Sorry to all for my lack of response, I have been on a road trip all summer and left the axolotls with a friend. I've just got them back at my school and under my care. There are about 30 total, albino, leucistic, melanoid, and wild type. Unfortunately over the summer there was quite a bit of leg biting :( so now I am working on isolating them and healing them, They are available if you want to care for them through healing otherwise they will be available in a few weeks after they have healed.
Thank You

levinas 27th September 2017 01:30

Re: Juvenile axolotls
What type is the speckled one, next to the yellow colour albino?


Garurumon 27th September 2017 01:33

Re: Juvenile axolotls
Sorry to hear they need some recuperation. I'm interested in getting a leucistic off your hands, once they've recovered.

Aschneider8 27th September 2017 22:31

Re: Juvenile axolotls
Interested in gold if there are any left.

Brigitte 1st October 2017 16:39

Re: Juvenile axolotls

Originally Posted by levinas (Post 481966)
What type is the speckled one, next to the yellow colour albino?


wild type :)

dragonladyred 2nd October 2017 00:02

Re: Juvenile axolotls
Can I see photos of what you have left?

Brigitte 3rd October 2017 14:58

Re: Juvenile axolotls
Let me know if you are still interested

Brigitte 4th October 2017 17:54

Re: Juvenile axolotls
The ones that were obviously gold are gone, I have some that are definitely hinting at gold. I have ones that are very white and some with pink hue.
I have a couple more being returned from summer care and I'll let you know if I have any gold among them.

Brigitte 4th October 2017 18:12

Re: Juvenile axolotls
I will be happy to post pictures of them once they have healed from being too crowded this summer (some missing legs, toes, etc). I have all 4 types left, lots of albino. What type are you interested in? I could maybe pm you a picture of one you wanted to buy before you decided and send you that particular axolotl. Did you mind missing limbs or do you want to wait until they grow back?

Brigitte 4th October 2017 18:15

Re: Juvenile axolotls
if you are still interested please let me know

ndbug 5th October 2017 09:43

Re: Juvenile axolotls
I would still like to purchase some

Ampacker 5th October 2017 13:51

Re: Juvenile axolotls
I am interested in buying an axolotl but would need it shipped to me in michigan.

Brigitte 18th October 2017 22:30

Re: Juvenile axolotls
Which kind are you interested in?

Brigitte 18th October 2017 22:32

Re: Juvenile axolotls
Which kind are you interested in, please pm me and I will get back to you.

Brigitte 18th October 2017 22:34

lots of albino
lots of albino and several leucistic left! I will ship to legal states.
pm me if interested.

oOFyreflyOo 23rd October 2017 00:17

Re: Juvenile axolotls
Sent you a PM

Brigitte 28th November 2017 00:50

UPDATE: Juvenile axolotls
I now have
4 albino
6 leucistic (2 have freckles, freckled selling for $20 each rather than $15)
1 melanoid

They are $15 plus shipping (3 or fewer ship for under $20)

nursekb 14th December 2017 04:14

Re: Juvenile axolotls
I am interested in an axolotl and sent you a private message. Thanks!

Dolphinlover55 14th December 2017 17:18

Re: Juvenile axolotls
Are there any Leucistic still available? :happy:

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