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dano 19th August 2017 16:44

CB Crocatus newts
These newts are from Lake Urmia. They have whitish-yellow spots and are 2 inches long. They eat meat pellets, daphnia, white worms, red worms, gammarus and frozen foods. They can be kept aquatic or terrestrial. Pictures upon request. Shipping USPS(Post Office) or Southwest airlines. Email for any other info.

bellabelloo 19th August 2017 21:50

Re: CB Crocatus newts
Could you please add a price ...part of the forum rules.

jotarocult 20th August 2017 03:21

Re: CB Crocatus newts
Could we see a few pictures of these newts please?

dano 21st August 2017 19:08

Re: CB Crocatus newts

dano 28th September 2017 23:46

Re: CB Crocatus newts
I can only send pictures using email. If anybody wants pics email me at

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