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nicolelawton 17th August 2014 18:22

Juvenile axolotls
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Juvenile axolotls for sale

Morphs available are as follows. Photos are in order with the list.

6 wild type (these are a nice dark wild type with some greenish flecks)
6 golden albino (bright yellow with iridescent flecks)
2 Melanoid albino (these lack pigment but have a yellowish tinge)
3 xanthic albino (these are a pure white with shiny eyes)

They are all between 4-5 inches long. They have been hand raised by myself. They are feeding on chopped dew worm, blood worm and sinking pellets (I like to give them a varied diet). Their food items can be bought at local pet stores. Most carry dew worms (earth worms), but gas stations sell them as fishing bait also or you can collect your own in a pesticide free area.

Axolotls are aquatic salamanders and are best kept in an aquarium with NO gravel (as they can ingest it and die from impaction), light filtration (they do not appreciate a lot of movement in the water) and cold water. They do not need an aquarium heater and prefer to be kept cool. I give mine a light period of 10 hours a day, but lighting is not absolutely necessary. They do not metamorphosize like many salamanders do and will remain in water for their entire lives. Their regular maintenance is similar to fish in that they need regular partial water changes with non chlorinated water. You can use reverse osmosis water, or simply add a water conditioner sold at local pet stores like "prime" or "nutrafin aqua plus".

I can ship axolotls in Ontario for approx $35-$40 depending on the location. Shipping is available for Quebec too. I accept cash or EMT only. They are $15 each and I guarantee their health. I am available to answer questions or concerns you may have. Please call or text if you are interested.

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