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Cliygh and Mia 19th May 2015 02:24

Steer away from Petco fruit flies!
The fruit flies I got for my mantis egg cases ACTUALLY COULD FLY! That cause fruit flies to invade our home that JUST NOW died off! If you need fruit flies in a pinch, make sure that they can't get out in your house, or fruit flies will invade your house for 2 years!

rachel1 20th May 2015 23:56

Re: Steer away from Petco fruit flies!
Wingless is a recessive mutation, but occasionally winged flies can crop up if the stock isn't maintained well. And since its dominant, it can ruin the whole bloodline. Always give a new culture a good knock and make sure everyone falls when disturbed to avoid a face full of flyers in the future! If anyone is buzzing around in there when you shake them up, open it outside, and away from your face. :) I order my flies from, because I'm too lazy to culture my own. I'm sure mantids would love the flyers, though! Just put the winged flies in the fridge for a couple seconds or so to paralyze them before feeding them out. They'll start flying again as soon as they warm up.

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