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michael 6th December 2006 08:11

This past weekend I purchased two pond-raised Ambystoma mavortium melanostictum from Michael Shrom at the Hamburg reptile show in Pennsylvania, and I felt that I should comment on the exceptional experience overall.

Michael was very prompt, friendly, and extremely helpful in all of his e-mail communication with me (which began at least months before the purchase). At the show, he answered several more last-minute questions, and even offered me a discount for buying two salamanders.

The two Ambystomatid juveniles looked robust and healthy, and have since eaten quite well and begun to settle into their new home. His other stock looked just as well cared for, and represented a great variety of captive bred species. I would definitely recommend doing business with Michael Shrom, and will likely do so myself again in the future.


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brian 6th December 2006 13:34

I've dealt with Michael Shrom several times as well, and have been VERY pleased with him, his prices, and the animals he offers. David L Nash also offers high quality offspring at fair prices, great quality and excellent shipping. Both gentlemen are highly recommended and a tribute to the hobby!...(just my humble opinion...)

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leonard 6th December 2006 23:44

I too would like to recommend both Michael and David. I have dealt with both in the past and have been extremely pleased with each and every transaction.

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charles 7th December 2006 01:28

I to would recommend both Michael and David.

Since David got thrown in, I would like to toss another name in, and her name is Jennifer Macke. All three I would recommend. I have got newt's/egg's from all three and they all were healthy and eating the next day.

Thanks Again,

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peter 15th January 2007 02:54

I've purchased from Michael Shrom also and have had the same amazing results. Thank you for contributing so much to this great hobby.

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jacob 1st April 2007 04:24

I've bought from both guys and neither let me down. I'd recommend both for anyone looking to get quality animals.

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