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frogman 19th January 2014 19:04

Michael Shrom
I recently purchased a male het leucistic spanish ribbed newt from Michael Shrom. He replied to my email quick and got the animal out in the mail right away. I received the animal on time in perfect condition. It was packed with foam insulation and in a large container with spagnum moss. I put him into the tank with my two females and literally within 5 minutes he was amplexing one of them. I now have over 200 eggs and counting. It was really great doing business with Michael and I am extremely happy with my new newt.

stanleyc 20th January 2014 03:00

Re: Michael Shrom
I've purchased several H. cyanurus from Michael and they've always arrived healthy and packaged well. His customer communication has always been good as well. I'd reccomend him as a source.

geron 25th January 2014 13:59

Re: Michael Shrom
I purchased 5 Notophthalmus Viridescens efts from Shrom. Great communication and packaging. He was also able to hold them for me for a bit while I was out of town. Great seller, highly recommended.

Otterwoman 25th January 2014 14:53

Re: Michael Shrom
Michael is The Man.

freves 25th January 2014 15:52

Re: Michael Shrom
Nothing but good experiences with Michael over the years. In addition to salamanders, he is a great source for oddball isopods and other feeders. I do not keep as many caudates now as I once did but have found that the various isopods that I once purchased from him and now culture are eagerly accepted by geckos, chameleons, etc.

michael 25th January 2014 18:27

Re: Michael Shrom

Originally Posted by geron (Post 404893)
I purchased 5 Notophthalmus Viridescens efts from Shrom. Great communication and packaging. He was also able to hold them for me for a bit while I was out of town. Great seller, highly recommended.

Hi Kate,
Thanks for the praise. Are you sure I didn't sell you something other than Notophthalmus viridescens? Maybe it was Lissotriton. I havn't sold any N. viridiscens since the 70's. It isn't legal for me to sell them in Pa.

geron 25th January 2014 18:37

Re: Michael Shrom
I cannot edit my first comment. I did not get my Notos from Michael. I got some starter culture of springtails though. Very well packed all are still alive and repopulating like crazy for me. :)

ArdyBay 19th March 2014 22:09

Re: Michael Shrom
Just received a gorgeous axolotl from Michael Shrom. The delivery was speedy, the packaging was great, and the lotl is absolutely stunning. I would definitely recommend!

rachel1 7th August 2014 13:40

Re: Michael Shrom
Got springtails and isopods from Michael recently. Great communication, speedy shipping, well packaged, and he sent generous culture sizes. Super pleased with my purchase, I will definitely buy from him again. Thanks!

Vern5384 8th August 2014 01:39

Re: Michael Shrom
I had a good experience with him recently, as well.

Tw1st3dR0s3 14th March 2015 17:53

Re: Michael Shrom
I bought some kaiser newts from Michael recently. He was great about communication and making sure the animals were shipped in acceptable weather conditions. All three arrived nicely packaged in great condition. Very bright and healthy!

I've also purchased salmon pellets from Michael. He was super fast about shipping them. My axies love them (as does my dog who happened to get into a bag of them).

manderkeeper 15th March 2015 07:02

Re: Michael Shrom
Received 2 fire salamanders from him a couple of days ago, they are eating and doing very well in their new homes. I would highly recommend people get their animals from him when possible.

ChristineB 22nd May 2015 02:33

Re: Michael Shrom
Another happy customer. Received a plump and active juvenile ribbed newt, even better looking than the pics and bigger than expected. Was very nicely and securely packed, and I noticed actual postage was five bucks more than he charged me. Recommended!

Autumncrossing 3rd June 2015 19:12

Nothing but good words for Michael! I received 5 cynops cyanurus from him this afternoon they are all doing fantastic and already chowing down on worms.

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Methos5K 30th October 2015 18:09

Re: Michael Shrom
I had nothing but a great experience with Michael Shrom's Above Average Amphibians recently. He answered all my questions very quickly, the newts arrived in pristine condition; packed and boxed nice and safely; and shipped exactly as agreed.

Someday, Lord and bigger home willing, I'd definitely check out what he has newtin' about when I add another species to my collection/dragon army) :D

Bette 1st November 2015 19:31

Re: Michael Shrom
Michael is my new go-to source for pellets!

dennis 18th November 2015 23:17

Re: Michael Shrom
I received a few dozen mixed axolotl eggs and a male Danube crested newt today and once again I am way impressed how professional they were packed n sent and the quality of the eggs and newt are unbelievable. I am blown away by the coloring of this male particular. He is awesome!

Michael is definitely one my favorite folks to get eggs from and he way over counted even a very small order. I appreciate that a lot Michael times are tough here..

Thank you in have a blessed winter season


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